Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh my. Oh my goodness my goodness golly gosh my. Today I received some very major news, which I am bullet pointing below. Or short-sentencing below. You know what I mean.
  • I got the techy job.
  • Turns out that they have wanted me on their team for yonks, and my boss and boss's boss knew about it, but neglected to tell me.
  • It means I get a nasty paycut but increased brain stimulation and happy feelings.
  • I start in two weeks.
  • This is one more week at work, and then a planned week off.
  • Nobody at work knows except for one close friend. This means that on Monday I'll be telling everyone that I'm leaving at the end of that week.
  • This is short notice.
  • I am sad to be leaving the lovely people, and glad to be leaving the stupidheads.
  • I am a bit scared that I am not clever enough for this job, and that I've talked myself up a bit too much.
  • They are putting me down for a six-month contract, so if it turns out that I do suck majorly, it's tough titties for them.
  • In this new job, I will have no direct reports. That's right. None.
  • Did I mention I would have no direct reports? And would just be responsible for my own work, rather than the work of gits?
Awesome. So, so awesomely awesome. Etc. Awesome.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It feels like forever since I've blogged. Hectic times, my friend. Hectic times indeed.

Today I had my last day of a five-day training course. Well, it was my last day attending the course, and now I need to study my arse off if I want to have any hope at all of passing the test. The worrying thing about doing this course is how out of shape my brain is. I guess being a Team Leader isn't the most cerebral of jobs? It felt like it took me a few hours to blow the cobwebs out of my cranium and remember how to learn. And I'm still not sure I'm doing a very good job of it.

The whole point of me doing this course is to make me far more suitable for That Job I went for, so it is Very Important that I do well. Speaking of That Job, the Director keeps on giving me inside goss on where they are up to (wants to get rid of me, perhaps?) and I found out that they only received the applications last Friday. So I would expect that they would be finalising the shortlist, or inviting people to be interviewed, or whatever the hell they do next at the end of this week, or maybe the week after.

The other inside info that Captain BigBoss told me is that he heard that there were three jobs going, instead of just two. This made my tummy do a flip-flop, because my previous "investigations" told me that there were already two valid contenders for the two jobs available. But if there's three, then I may have a better chance, whether I am crap or not.

What I need to do is stop thinking about it, gosh darn it.

In between trying to learn all of this techy stuff I am now studying for my piano exams. Yes, I know how to take the fun out of a hobby! I decided to do exams in the hope that it would keep my motivation levels up, plus give me a target to aim for. And one of the songs that I can choose to perform is The Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter, so therefore the whole world is jealous of me. It will probably be quite a long time before I can take the exam, especially since I seem to have no time to do anything at all right now.

Also, I did something to my ankle, so all I can do is hobble around and watch my stamina slowly disappear.

Summary: my brain is exploding and I am feeling unfit and podgy.

The end.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's generic life update time!

Dexter! Dexter is the naughtiest kitty ever, and basically divides his time between slashing my flesh to pieces and sleeping on my hair at night. My right hand in particular looks as though I shoved it into the insinkerator. He has settled in very well and I love him muchly, despite the pain he causes me.

The Abbey Medieval Festival! Alas, good sirs and fair maidens, we did not go. And the friends who were supposed to go and then bring us hilarious stories also did not go, because they wanted to go to a chocolate fair instead. Chocolate over jousting? Oh, come on. I guess there is always next year.

The job! Have heard nothing yet but I would expect to receive some type of notification next week. I was the sneakiest of sneaky people and asked a friend with access to the government jobs database to have a look at how many other people had applied, and who they were. Only 11 applications! For two jobs! This is great, though I did recognise two of the names (and at least one of them is a shoo-in), so it's still very uncertain. I am hoping though, because to move into a shiny new job would be just delightful.

Boring fitness shit! I am on Week Eight of my running program, with just one more week left until I am officially Hardcore. And by Hardcore, I mean rubbish. But I should be able to hobble my way through Bridge to Brisbane, which was the whole idea. I can already foresee that being in the middle of thousands of other runners is going to make me run much faster than what I am capable of so that I tire in the first 30 seconds and have to sit down on the side of the road with a glass of water. Should be lovely!

Piano! It's official - I am going to be "performing" in a small concert for adult piano students at the end of September. I predict that I will completely cock it up. This is very certain. But I will ask Beardie to film it on my shiny new video camera and then perhaps I'll post it. Especially if I screw it royally, because it will probably be very hilarious (i.e. shockingly embarrassing for me).

What else! Nothing much. Doing some training over the next couple of weeks, followed by an exam, to turn me into a super 1337 techo nerd geek h4x0r type person. Going to a barbeque tomorrow at Beardie's boss's place, which is apparently a Big Deal and I'm not allowed to wear fat pants and thongs. Other than that, business as usual. Work is work, and highly worky.

I hope you are having a tip top weekend.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

As you probably know, the reason I started RAT and ditched the Old Blog was related to my ex. Specifically, I wanted somewhere else that I could write, that he didn't know about. So I tried to make this one as anonymous as possible, with no links or references to the old one, and thought that would be that.

So how should one feel when the ex mentioned has shown that he is actually reading this blog, by leaving a comment on one of the posts?

a) Indifferent. It's been a long time, so what does it matter?
b) Happy. Oh, so great to hear from you!
c) Incredibly annoyed. LKSDFLKJSDFLSDlkjslf#$#ljsdfk! [head explodes]

I guess I need a mop to clean up my head.

More back story is probably needed, but it is just frustrating after making such efforts to move on with my life, only to once again have another reminder of a time in my life when I wasn't particularly happy.

Call me crazy.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

We named the kitty Dexter. Yes, after the donut-loving serial killer. And I am so in love with Dexter. Dexter the cat, that is. I have gone kitty crazy. I go to work and talk to the other Cat People about things, like "oh, look at the hole in my stocking, Dex did that this morning. Ha ha! Yes, I look like a homeless person! Ha ha. Oh, cats. Cats? Yes, cats cats. Cats." He keeps me awake half the night by pouncing on my head, chewing on my hair and licking my eyelids but I am still giddy and swoony over him. He has shat horrible cat diarrhoea all over our bed, but he just looks up at me and meows and all is forgiven. I arrive home from work and he starts purring like a car engine and it is just lovely.

This weekend I am finally buying the new video camera I've been planning on getting for yonks, so expect gratuitous cat photos and video shortly. Yes, it's my blog and I can act deranged if I want to.

</obsessive cat lady talk>

In other news, the rumours turned out to be true and two jobs have been advertised. I applied on the weekend and am trying not to get my hopes up this time. Even if the Manager of the area sent me an e-mail making sure that I knew that the jobs were there. Must not think about it. Must. Not.

Have a fairly busy weekend planned, with work drinks tomorrow night (the work socialising is getting slightly mental of late), a high tea date with the laydeez (and one boy) on Saturday, and a possible visit to the Abbey Medieval Festival on Sunday. I thought it would be a great chance for me to test out the new camera, by filming the mock sword fights and jousts and whatnot, but apparently cameras are Strictly Forbidden. Maybe because they weren't invented in medieval times. Or maybe people dressed as noblemen and women who play with weapons and call each other "good sir" and "wench" don't want to be filmed. I think it would be hilariously awesome.*

Look at the program, they have Morris Dancing!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is a kitty. A mischevious little imp of a kitty. Despite not having a kitty since I was living at home in my teens, I have always been a Cat Lady. I display all the characteristics of a Cat Lady, I have just been lacking the cat. Well no more! Beardie and I have discussed it many a time and have always taken the sensible route, i.e. "What if we travel?" "What will the real estate say?" "We should wait until we buy our own house" etc. etc.

Apparently our brains simultaneously revolted with a "Sense be damned!" and we are now kittified.

Here is what the kitty did to me, about three seconds after picking it up for the first time. This is a sign of things to come.

Kitty currently goes by the name "Kitty", though any suggestions are welcome. With the names that we keep coming up with, he might be Kitty for quite a while.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Frubears. You can find Frubears in the health food/dried fruit bit of your supermarket. They are little bears that are made of dried apricot, dried peach and mysterious "fruit fibre". They are healthy and pretty tasty and having a couple is just lovely.

Eating an entire packet is NOT LOVELY.

Beardie and I had a movie date tonight to see Transformers 2 (Review: Fox is extremely hot, robots are pretty cool, movie was ok overall but not superawesomecool like the first one) and in an attempt to be healthy, I purchased some things to eat in place of the usual salty popcorn and choc top loveliness.

Frubears seemed like a great option due to the health factor, however I made the deadly mistake of forgetting all about the fibre content.


Imagine if somebody cut open your stomach, dropped a large stone inside and sewed you back up. My digestive system is really pissed off with me.

I really shouldn't be making these kind of mistakes at this age.