Thursday, July 9, 2009

We named the kitty Dexter. Yes, after the donut-loving serial killer. And I am so in love with Dexter. Dexter the cat, that is. I have gone kitty crazy. I go to work and talk to the other Cat People about things, like "oh, look at the hole in my stocking, Dex did that this morning. Ha ha! Yes, I look like a homeless person! Ha ha. Oh, cats. Cats? Yes, cats cats. Cats." He keeps me awake half the night by pouncing on my head, chewing on my hair and licking my eyelids but I am still giddy and swoony over him. He has shat horrible cat diarrhoea all over our bed, but he just looks up at me and meows and all is forgiven. I arrive home from work and he starts purring like a car engine and it is just lovely.

This weekend I am finally buying the new video camera I've been planning on getting for yonks, so expect gratuitous cat photos and video shortly. Yes, it's my blog and I can act deranged if I want to.

</obsessive cat lady talk>

In other news, the rumours turned out to be true and two jobs have been advertised. I applied on the weekend and am trying not to get my hopes up this time. Even if the Manager of the area sent me an e-mail making sure that I knew that the jobs were there. Must not think about it. Must. Not.

Have a fairly busy weekend planned, with work drinks tomorrow night (the work socialising is getting slightly mental of late), a high tea date with the laydeez (and one boy) on Saturday, and a possible visit to the Abbey Medieval Festival on Sunday. I thought it would be a great chance for me to test out the new camera, by filming the mock sword fights and jousts and whatnot, but apparently cameras are Strictly Forbidden. Maybe because they weren't invented in medieval times. Or maybe people dressed as noblemen and women who play with weapons and call each other "good sir" and "wench" don't want to be filmed. I think it would be hilariously awesome.*

Look at the program, they have Morris Dancing!!


Lucy said...

Gawwww, Dexter is even cuter in this photo.

Good name by the way, solid (serial killer) name.

I forgot about the eyelid licking, and also the eyebrow nuzzling and the necklace chomping.

Dammit, why is Poppy so big!

Mark said...

OK you must go and tell us exactly what happens with all the knights and wenches and so on. I'm too embarrassed to go to one of those things myself but I'd like to hear about it.

Meanwhile, I wonder why the medieval period is the subject of so many festivals, while the early modern period gets none at all. Does no one want to dress up as Johannes Gutenberg and make books all weekend? Or build replica Galileo telescopes?

RAT said...

Lucy, ah yes, Dexter does love a good chomp on the necklace. He also likes to randomly leap up and facebutt me. I've bought a video camera so expect an abundance of creepy cat videos soon! Well, at least one.

Mark, after careful review of the program, we decided not to go. Sorry! Though two of our friends have gone, so I will get a full report from them and let you know. Meanwhile, if you organise an Early Modern Festival then I will most definitely go. Telescopes, awesome!