Sunday, July 12, 2009

As you probably know, the reason I started RAT and ditched the Old Blog was related to my ex. Specifically, I wanted somewhere else that I could write, that he didn't know about. So I tried to make this one as anonymous as possible, with no links or references to the old one, and thought that would be that.

So how should one feel when the ex mentioned has shown that he is actually reading this blog, by leaving a comment on one of the posts?

a) Indifferent. It's been a long time, so what does it matter?
b) Happy. Oh, so great to hear from you!
c) Incredibly annoyed. LKSDFLKJSDFLSDlkjslf#$#ljsdfk! [head explodes]

I guess I need a mop to clean up my head.

More back story is probably needed, but it is just frustrating after making such efforts to move on with my life, only to once again have another reminder of a time in my life when I wasn't particularly happy.

Call me crazy.



Anonymous said...

Anonymity can be awfully constraining - forcing you to monitor and restrict details to avoid discovery, which is a bugger if the details are sometimes the funniest and best stuff too. I enjoy your writing. You're smart, funny, you've job prospects, health being managed, trying new stuff (shit, now you're starting to make me feel terribly inadequate) and it seems like your life is reasonably okay at the moment, plus, not only a new car, but a NEW KITTY! Sounds like a successful "moved on" to me. I'm not pressuring the "happy" at all (I know things can get pretty fucked up inside at times), but, well, though you can't erase the past unhappy, you might see this more as something that shows that, at least, it *is* the past.

They say a good life is the best revenge, which is obviously crap because the best revenge surely has to involve kicking someone in the bollocks at some stage, no? (Maybe that's just me). Still, a good life is probably a reasonable substitute, and, since part of this is specifically about this blog, well, it seems to me to be a beaut, and a pleasure to read.

I say you shout "w00t!" (too geeky?) with a "Take that you bastard!" chaser, and enjoy the freedom from anonymity.

nailpolishblues said...

I don't suppose, if he'd already known about the old blog, that you'd be hard to find. Bloggers tend to be pretty cliquey - look how we've followed you around - which makes the start-over a very difficult thing.

Lucy said...

Man, I was like a stalker on your last blog and I'm pretty sure I accidentally stumbled across the new page randomly. So yeah, it does veer towards the idea he was looking for it.

If you shut down or move somewhere else it will take me bloody ages to find you again. This is bad.

So, to the ex, please leave T to her blog and stop reading. Please?

(My head would've exploded but there would've also been an abusive and expletive ridden phone call too. I'm classy in that way.)

Anonymous said...

I was hoping a) and certainly didn't intend c)

Sorry for upsetting you, I thought time heals all and that by now you may have been willing to say Hi.

I know you track your user stats so you're welcome to check and will see that I've only visited that one time and only read a couple of posts although I've known about this blog since you created it.

I respect your privacy so I'll piss off and maybe try saying hi in another year or two. Take it easy T and try to realise I only commented to remind you I still existed.

I didn't realise you detested me so much, the last time we met up for the birdy handover you seemed quite happy to remain friends.

My email and mobile haven't changed so contact if you ever want to... J

nailpolishblues said...


And the reason the above couldn't have been emailed..?

Mark said...

(We all know he was hoping for B, right?)

Adam said...

Whoa! So, um, what happens now?

Doooonnnnn't leave us... Okay, fine, go, be like that, we won't even notice, wait no, don't go, we need your pictures and the words that often explain the pictures, and the stories, wait, the stories are just about kittens and cars, where is the hard-hitting journalism, wait, is this not, The Age website?

miss v said...


Look! A bird! On fire!!

lucy said...

Segue - I have to go to the dentist today.

The end.

RAT said...

Thank you for your comments. Firstly, you are all awesome. And hilarious. And hilariously awesome. And while I did consider doing a Reasons I Am Still Annoyed By My Ex post, I have decided to just ignore it, and move right along. Which I think is probably the cleverest thing to do, as tempting as the other option may be. And that is that!