Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It feels like forever since I've blogged. Hectic times, my friend. Hectic times indeed.

Today I had my last day of a five-day training course. Well, it was my last day attending the course, and now I need to study my arse off if I want to have any hope at all of passing the test. The worrying thing about doing this course is how out of shape my brain is. I guess being a Team Leader isn't the most cerebral of jobs? It felt like it took me a few hours to blow the cobwebs out of my cranium and remember how to learn. And I'm still not sure I'm doing a very good job of it.

The whole point of me doing this course is to make me far more suitable for That Job I went for, so it is Very Important that I do well. Speaking of That Job, the Director keeps on giving me inside goss on where they are up to (wants to get rid of me, perhaps?) and I found out that they only received the applications last Friday. So I would expect that they would be finalising the shortlist, or inviting people to be interviewed, or whatever the hell they do next at the end of this week, or maybe the week after.

The other inside info that Captain BigBoss told me is that he heard that there were three jobs going, instead of just two. This made my tummy do a flip-flop, because my previous "investigations" told me that there were already two valid contenders for the two jobs available. But if there's three, then I may have a better chance, whether I am crap or not.

What I need to do is stop thinking about it, gosh darn it.

In between trying to learn all of this techy stuff I am now studying for my piano exams. Yes, I know how to take the fun out of a hobby! I decided to do exams in the hope that it would keep my motivation levels up, plus give me a target to aim for. And one of the songs that I can choose to perform is The Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter, so therefore the whole world is jealous of me. It will probably be quite a long time before I can take the exam, especially since I seem to have no time to do anything at all right now.

Also, I did something to my ankle, so all I can do is hobble around and watch my stamina slowly disappear.

Summary: my brain is exploding and I am feeling unfit and podgy.

The end.

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