Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Despite the thrill of spam comments making me look far more blogpopular than I actually am, I've turned on word verification. Annoying, but I know that everyone secretly loves the chance of getting a random scattering of letters that just so happen to spell something obscene, so you can thank me later.

This isn't a proper update. I just thought I'd say hello, and mention that there is a billion things going on at the moment, some of which are possibly major occurrences in my otherwise incredibly boring life. And that pretty much all of them are not blog safe, so I'm kind of just sitting on them all, desperately writhing around in my seat wanting to blab everything out, looking not unlike a kid needing to pee quite badly.

So, uh, basically a post to say that there's nothing really that I can post right now.

Um. Hope you're well!