Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh my. Oh my goodness my goodness golly gosh my. Today I received some very major news, which I am bullet pointing below. Or short-sentencing below. You know what I mean.
  • I got the techy job.
  • Turns out that they have wanted me on their team for yonks, and my boss and boss's boss knew about it, but neglected to tell me.
  • It means I get a nasty paycut but increased brain stimulation and happy feelings.
  • I start in two weeks.
  • This is one more week at work, and then a planned week off.
  • Nobody at work knows except for one close friend. This means that on Monday I'll be telling everyone that I'm leaving at the end of that week.
  • This is short notice.
  • I am sad to be leaving the lovely people, and glad to be leaving the stupidheads.
  • I am a bit scared that I am not clever enough for this job, and that I've talked myself up a bit too much.
  • They are putting me down for a six-month contract, so if it turns out that I do suck majorly, it's tough titties for them.
  • In this new job, I will have no direct reports. That's right. None.
  • Did I mention I would have no direct reports? And would just be responsible for my own work, rather than the work of gits?
Awesome. So, so awesomely awesome. Etc. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds the kind of thing that goes down the Magnifishop and looks in the Fantasmo aisle for product Awe(TM), and then totally fills up the entire trolley with some.


Congratulations. Also, a very nice way to head into the weekend. Happy Hour must be/have been...well, see above.

PS. If they've wanted you on their team for yonks, and the boss and boss's boss knew about it, you're clearly more than "clever enough" for it. Take the implicit compliment from them and enjoy. Awesome!

Lucy said...

Dude, that is frickin' great news.

I'm jealous, I want a tech job with less management-y style responsibility.

miss v said...

Oh yay! CONGRATIBULATIONS!!! My jellybean, what would i give to have a job with no direct rapport with ANY humans... Ever. Again.

*brain explodes*

ps: i second mister montsnmags above, if they've wanted you for a long time, and your boss doesn't let you know about it (bc they wanted to keep you?), then it sure smells like a compliment and you stinkin' deserve it! Drink first, panic later. Hear! Hear!

Mark said...

Congratulations! Direct reports are a bothersome and unnecessary sign of upward mobility. You're better off in the basement.

JK, obviously. Enjoy your new appointment!

RAT said...

montsnmags, thank you! I am quite crap at taking compliments and am still secretly telling myself that I have them all fooled that I can do this job, but I know it's probably just a confidence thing. I just want to get stuck into it so that my brain can stop coming up with a zillion "what if's".

Lucy, well all I had to do was apply for it twice, e-mail and call them repeatedly to harass them, and then be willing to accept an ouchie paycut. Actually, maybe I haven't made it look so great anymore...

Miss V, thank you! Not having to deal with "the children" anymore (or at least for the next five months) is going to be fan-fricking-tastic. I am so very excited!

Mark, thanks! Can I have a job in the basement though, seriously? I think I'd be cool with that...