Sunday, September 14, 2008

It is a good time for Stuff That I Like:

Caution: NERD ALERT. Despite being a geek, I normally have a touch of the girliness about me. Until Gears of War II comes out, that is. As of November, I will be locked in the house, marvelling at the wonderful invention of a gun with a chainsaw attached, as I cackle maniacally and slaughter THE LOCUST HORDE.

At the end of this month, Ben Folds new album will be out, which is ACE. As everyone should know, Ben Folds is my husband. It looks like it will be right up my alley, hoorah!

The new season of Heroes is starting in two weeks. I get to watch it and vicariously pretend that I have super powers! Squeal!

The second season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (the TV series based on Belle de Jour) has started, which is also very squeal-worthy. I get to watch it and vicariously pretend that I am a glamorous prostitute, without any of the moral implications. Yay!

And The Other Stuff:

I mentioned in passing that I would soon have to put in a formal application for the job that I'm doing at the moment. Lo and behold, surprise-fricking-surprise, it was sprung on me late last week for submission by 9am tomorrow morning. Completely redoing your resume, when you haven't bothered to keep it up to date since you applied for a totally different position a year ago, is a freaking mammoth task. Which is why I have spent a fair chunk of today doing it. But at least this is the easy part. If I score an interview, then I can properly start shitting myself.

I met up with the friend on Friday night. It was a work drinks night, and I had successfully managed to knock back the offers of Super Cheap booze numerous times. We went to the quietest pub we could find and managed to have a bit of a chat, before EVERYONE from my work miraculously turned up at the pub. Way to spoil things, guys! Turns out that someone had thrown a bottle off the roof, or something crazy, and everyone had been kicked out. And then decided to make their way to the exact pub where we happened to be, and formed a gigantic circle right next to us. So methinks that maybe another meetup is in order.

Instead of the heart-to-heart it was supposed to be, I: ended up in an emo bar (an experience that I would like to never repeat, thanks), danced like a stripper for my work friends in a taxi, couldn't get over the fact that a man had Jackson for a first name instead of surname, and then proceeded to sing "Sorry Miss Jackson, I am for reee-eaaal!" at him (along with five others) until he moved away in annoyance.

I am very poor! We went to get our groceries today and decided to check out some outdoor furniture. And then bought some. A five-piece setting and a sunlounge, plus a gigantic umbrella. And then we bought the groceries, came home, and booked our break for November to the Whitsundays. Only flights and accommodation at the moment, but yes, I am as poor as poor gets. Beardie is poorer, as on top of all of this he also bought the Guitar Hero pack, with two guitars.

And that, I think, is about it.


lucy said...

I'm sorry, but if Jackson didn't appreciate the serenading then he's completely lame.

I used to do the same with a boy I went to school with called Billy with Billy don't be a Hero. He also did not appreciate the genius of this. I was sober though.

Have you scheduled another meet up with the friend? Was it strange after everything that had gone on?

RAT said...

Lucy, I agree, Jackson needs to recognise the awesomeness and hilarity of drunkenly singing songs featuring his name.

I think we were going to try meeting up again this Friday but it doesn't look like it will happen, because I haven't had a chance to arrange anything. We've known eachother for so many years so it wasn't uncomfortable at all, but it did feel different. Maybe I've changed. I don't know. But yes, another meet up will happen soon, for sure.