Thursday, September 18, 2008

I bought a pretty flowy dress and I am unsure if I will ever wear it. But it was 30% off! And you can't argue with that logic.


I had a meeting with the most childish man on earth today. It was supposed to be me, my manager, and twatface, but my manager cancelled at the last minute. Man, I was pissed. An hour stuck in a room with a total git, without somebody else to fill the gaps in the conversation where I was silently seething with fury? That is not cool.

So I thought about it, and took a different tack, and decided to try and be the non-existent magnanimous and peaceable version of myself. I politely laughed at crap jokes and steered the conversation away from "I hate you" and "well I hate you more". And I think he wants to marry me now. So GO ME and my developing people skills, but eww.

Work is quiet this week, which is tops, but crap, all at the same time. Tops in that I'm not tearing my hair out or grinding my teeth down to stumps, and crap in that I keep checking my e-mail, and sticking my nose into other peoples work, and walking around reading the Workplace Health and Safety signs.

Also on the work front, SURPRISE, the head honcho types are all desperate to finalise all of the vacant positions, so SURPRISE, I was told today that I have an interview tomorrow, at 8:15am. SURPRISE. And the worst thing of all is that I work closely with everyone on the panel, so I can't fluff any of my answers. And I feel embarrassed about saying that I can give "valuable insight into the call centre industry" on my resume, which is total and utter fluff.

This blog post actually takes place over two days. Tricksy!

Time to try and sleep for a few hours before the stress kicks in.


lucy said...

Dude, you work in call centres app's? That's crazy, small world and all that . Also get frocked up, it is the most laziest way to get dressed which is why I love them, one item of clothing and you're dressed.

Mark said...

Well done developing the people skills :) There's a large area of overlap between civility and hypocrisy, and you should be proud of yourself for a successful journey through it.

Hope the interview went well too. Are you a little bit closer to being the little man in the flying desk?

RAT said...

Lucy, today was very summery, and there's heaps of girls strutting about in their dresses, and I put on jeans/t-shirt without even thinking about it. Habit, etc. But now it is getting warm I have no excuses left, and will have to wear at least a couple of the zillion dresses I have accumulated. And yes, one item of clothing, but then I have to do the hair, and make sure I don't look like a bum, etc. Because a bum in a dress is not a good look.

Mark, I am not sure who the man in the flying desk is. Is that how work will be if I take mind-altering drugs? That could possibly make it more interesting. And thanks, the interview went ok, but whether I get the job or not is a different story. And there's this small part of me that doesn't actually want it, so, well, I don't know. Pfft.

Mark said...

The guy in the flying desk is from Futurama. I bet Lucy would have got it.

lucy said...

Yeah I did actually, I do love me some Futurama.