Saturday, September 6, 2008

Following on from my previous book whinge, I finished a book this morning that was actually Not Too Bad. Eve Green by Susan Fletcher, which I mainly picked for the Welsh connection, and also because I am still susceptible to the term "modern classic", even though it is bandied around so much that it seems to have become the herpes of literature.

1 in 8 books is a Modern Classic. Have yours checked today.

So not all that bad, though it was a bit wishy-washy, and it was only in the last tenth of the book that anything actually happened. Just lots of hints of things happening throughout.

And now I get to pick which book I will read next, which is of course the best fun a girl can have.

Work is stressing me out, and why I am currently leading a team of 17 when I much prefer to sit in a corner by myself is completely beyond me. I don't know how to support and motivate people, I just generally want them to go away. And this attitude does not a good team leader make. Over the next month or two I will have the opportunity to apply for this job on a permanent basis, instead of The Acting which is currently going on at the moment. And the lovely cash is too much to pass up, so I will go for it, regardless. Yet I am sort of hoping that they find somebody more suitable than me, so that I can stop worrying that people refer to me as The Crap Team Leader. That whole fat pants desk job I mentioned before would be sweet right about now.

And I've totally broken the work rule, again. Pffffffft.

I am onto Book Two in the piano playing saga! I have graduated from The Entertainer and Amazing Grace onto other things! When Beardie's parents were visiting, I actually played for an audience for the first time, so therefore completely shat myself and made a bazillion mistakes, as expected. Wow!

As Beardie is still asleep, and I'm hungry, the odds of me eating jelly beans for breakfast have increased dramatically.


Mark said...

I'm taking your advice but also throwing it back at you - be a team leader! Leadership is 90% pomp and 10% circumstance. It's easy.

And Lot 49 is my favourite out of those two, so I'd read that first. Vile Bodies is a bit fin de siecle and depressing, though it does have leprosy grenades in, which are pretty cool I guess.

lucy said...

I have been obsessed lately with Jodi Piccoult, she is awesome and writes books that actually take me a week to finish rather than the standard day.

Plus, nothing too fancy or high brow.

Just my style because I do not like to think much when I read....

RAT said...

Mark, but I am lacking the pomp! They're skills that I would love to develop, yet at the same time tell myself that it's not me, and should I bother? Seems to be going ok at the moment, and I'm sure the sweaty palms that spring up every time I run a meeting will slowly disappear. Well, hopefully.

Lucy, advice taken, and book bought. Hoorah!