Sunday, August 31, 2008

  • Thailand is postponed until February, at the earliest. And not because of any whacky anti-government demonstrations, but because Beardie tried to put in his leave and was told that it was a No Go. Devo! So we are having a mini-break, most likely to The Whitsundays, and Thailand shall come later. Which is better than it not happening at all, but still. Sniff.

  • In a couple of weeks I am meeting up with the friend I mentioned in this post, to, you know. Catch up, and talk. And stuff. Thoughts = don't know. We will just see what happens. Mmkay.

  • This weekend, Beardie's parents have been visiting, and we introduced them to the yum cha experience. We took them to Sunnybank yum cha, which is basically total mayhem. You arrive, take a ticket, and don't expect a table for another 45 minutes, at least. We thought our number was called ("TWO!") and we followed the lady to a table. The manager-type person hurried over and said "oh no, not TWO, I called SHOO. A reservation for the big fat lady and her friends." Yes, that's right, the head honcho of yum cha referred to a patron as "the big fat lady." Now those are some fantastic customer service skills which I am going to adopt at work immediately.
  • Also during this visit:

    • Beardie's dad went through the files on both PC's in the house searching for movies/various other media that he could copy over to his hard drive and take back to Tasmania. This was all good until he stumbled upon a substantial amount of porn. Oops!

    • Beardie's mum greeted me, and referred to me by his ex's name. Oops again! I didn't hear it at the time, but when Beardie told me later I said "I don't mind that your mum did it... now if YOU did it, on the other hand..." and then I dished out a handful of scrotum-damaging threats.

  • I am completely bored of reading shitty books. Why are so many books so very crappy? What happened to the books that you can't put down? I don't know where they are. I picked up a pamphlet from Borders called "50 books that you can't put down" (or something similar) but I suspect it is full of lies. Lies and deceit! If throwing them out a window does not count as putting them down, then yes, 100% correct.


Mark said...

Bummer about Thailand. Feb pretty much sucks for me, so we'll holiday another time. (Ever wanted to see Perth? No, me neither.)

So. Have you read:
Under The Frog by Tibor Fischer?
The Loved One and Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh?
These aren't my favourite books, but they are ones you might like. Also The Crying of Lot 49 - that one is both funny and intriguing, not to mention a lot shorter than anything else Pynchon ever wrote.

RAT said...

Mark, I'm sure I'll make it to Perth sometime. I bet it is as superfun as Brisbane. And if it makes any difference, Thailand might be in March rather than February, depending on when work will let me go.

No, I have not read those books, but I will go to Borders tomorrow and find them. Ta!