Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I said that I wouldn't blog work, but I'm at the end of my flippin' tether*.

I will blog it, but I will be all vague and annoying.

I had a meeting with the most infuriating man on earth today. He had Spoilt Little Boy syndrome. Obviously used to getting his own way and being cleverer than everyone for his entire life, this man wasted 1 hour and 30 minutes of my time by arguing every point I made, drifting off on a tangent every five minutes, and annoying the shit out of me.

Can I also say right here that he had long girl nails and soft dainty hands like a woman.

Some people who work in IT are quirky and funny, and some are absolute bastards.

Quirky and funny:

Absolute BASTARD:

No, I didn't know that Hitler worked in IT either, until today.

If I could please get a job where I get to wear fat pants, drink hot chocolate, live like a hermit and not have to talk to twats, that would be tops. Please. Pretty please.

*Season Two is out on DVD, whoo!


Anonymous said...

Some of us in IT are (well, were in my case) quirky and funny absolute bastards - sort of Moss crossed with rectangle-'mo crossed with regular cups of hot chocolate crossed with a rusty fork in the eye. Our customers loved me and the cups of hot chocolate I sent them; third party companies would wonder vociferously to my boss just who the forking hell I thought I was. The rusty fork in the eye bit cost me my job (which quite pissed me off, since my job description specifically said "Stick a rusty fork in their eyes").

I think you'll find that, under the stubbornly obstreperous exterior of crusty bastardry, your Spoilt Little Boy is actually a jolly little wit just trying to reach out to you for some empathetic affection and friendship...


...nah, I'm just kidding. Bastardry all the way through to the bones, that one, I bet. You should test it out...with a fork.

(PS. Season 2 is coming here from EzyDVD shortly - woohoo!)

Cheers! (with a cup of hot chocolate to ya!)

PS. I said "fork" a lot, didn't I? Now I feel like some crinkle cut chips.

Mark said...

Honestly, you meet the most apalling sort of people! But seriously, I try to appreciate the outright teabags because it's worse when you get screwed by somebody you thought was your friend.

Thanks for taking my book suggestions, by the way. I am still soliciting music suggestions so feel free to return the favour.

RAT said...

montsnmags, I think I would be perfectly suited to working in IT. Well, I do at the moment, but it's the touchy-feely people-related stuff, when I should really be sitting at a desk with a collection of rusty forks. Maybe I was so annoyed with this guy because he is living the life that I want! Curse him! And when Season 1 came out, I found it at Borders for something like $12, so I am going to go there today and see if I have such good luck again.

Mark, I agree, the deceitful ones who pretend to be nice but who are actually absolute arseholes are pretty awful. And Borders only had two of your suggestions (Vile Bodies and The Crying of Lot 49) so I bought them, and now I have to pick which one to read first.

As for music suggestions, I am definitely not the best person, as I just listen to Tori Amos and Ben Folds pretty much all the time. If not them I'll revert back to Bowie for a bit. Though I did surprise myself and get the MGMT Oracular Spectacular album the other day. To convince myself I'm still in touch with today's youth, y'see.