Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am completely content with my spinsterhood, but can't help but notice:

Men who display interest in me:
  • Men who are much, much older than I am
  • Men who are married (worthy of its own blog post)
  • Men with extreme emotional issues
  • Men whose sexuality is questionable
  • Men who I do not find attractive
  • Men who look identical to one of my exes (no no no no no no)
  • Men who I work with
  • Men who I consider a buddy/brother-type, who then turn "weird"
Mainly a combination of several of the above.

Men who do not display interest in me:
  • Colin Firth (in Pride & Prejudice (or any other) form)
  • Ryan Reynolds (in bearded (or any other) form)
  • Very tall geeks with beards (except for the ones who fall into the categories above)
Eh. As B*witched once said, c'est la vie. I'm going to go hang out with my cat now.


Lucy said...

Oh man, how awesome would it be if you met Mr Darcy in a bar....

He'd need the bouncers to keep me away from him.

Ps - I think we need photos of the new apartment.

RAT said...

Lucy, meeting Mr Darcy in a bar is the stuff that the Best Dreams Ever are made of. If I could just meet his spitting image, or even someone with equally excellent sideburns, I'm sure I could squint my eyes enough to let my imagination do the rest.

Ok, when I've tidied up I'll take some pics and put them online some place. It's very poky and covered in cat hair, though.

nailpolishblues said...

I have never been attractive to men of my own age. I'm getting cooler with the older thing though it as disturbing when I was a teenager.

Also, 'Men who display interest in me/Men who I do not find attractive' is pretty much the story of my life.

RAT said...

Nails, unfortunately the older guys who like me are not just older, but Old. As in 20 years older, which really kind of weirds me out. And with the exception of those who have become my boyfriends (which is not many at all), it's the story of my life too. Something else I've noticed now that I'm single in my late twenties is that pretty much all of the seemingly normal and attractive men are married now. Eh, whatever.