Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skimming over some old archives, it's amazing to think that there's almost six years worth of my drivel online. A couple of breaks along the way, but there's blog posts dating from 2004 to now. Three break-ups, three overseas trips, three different jobs... hmm, pattern much? I had a read through some of my stuff from the blog before this one and man, I really had my blog shit together back then. I was churning out crap like there was no tomorrow.

It really does make me wonder though, when I compare it to what I've written here, did I stop having fun at some point? Or stop seeing the funny side of everything? Or did I just get really slack? Did I hit an age where I just couldn't be arsed anymore? And then I think about maybe giving it another go, a proper go, but then balk at the thought of having to commit to multiple posts per week, and that it makes it seem a bit like a job, which makes it less fun.

I miss writing though. I think I'd even consider doing NaNoWriMo again, because five years have passed since I tried it last time and almost commit suicide from the complete and utter misery it caused me.

[insert hilarious and relevant segue here]

I had lunch with a co-worker today, who I don't know particularly well, but who told me that he possibly has feelings for a female friend of his, despite her being in a long-term relationship and him being married-with-child. And I tried to be a good listener and offer some thoughts but on the inside just sat there thinking "Gosh, I just came here to try this bizarre sushi with mango in it and now what! Is going! On!"

[second equally excellent segue]

Was offered a job today by my old Director, no interview required, no questions asked. It is a project manager role, which I am completely unqualified for, and which is now vacant due to the previous employee leaving in a stress-induced fit of rage. Extra cash, but alas, I feel like I'm finally finding my feet where I work now, and have been extended out until June (hoorah!). I acted very non-committal, but said I would at least look at the position description.

[insert heartwarming yet hysterical story, possibly featuring a pair of amusing pants]

Oh, HAHAHAHAHA, I agree wholeheartedly!

[spectacular closing paragraph goes here]

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Mark said...

Hey, a RAT revival. Nice.

We did blog pretty hard once upon a time, didn't we? Before FB and Twitter all that. Still, it's not too hard to find some writing time every other day, even if you don't have that much to say.

PS: I did NaNoWriMo this year and it was THE PAIN, but I did manage to produce something that wasn't complete crap:

You don't have to read it of course, but it does illustrate what a person can achieve with only a small amount of talent and enthusiasm.