Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm not normally one for New Year's Resolutions, but I think that in 2010 I need to meet some new people. Seriously. I feel like I'm pretty much married to my group of work friends, and following on from the "propositions" from the previous post, and some other stuff (ooh, yes, very vague) it's all getting a wee bit awkward. The group is rife with gossip, deservedly so with all of the shagging going on, and the whole thing is feeling very incestuous.

At the moment, I'm given a slight respite by the fact that I'm on secondment to a different area, but if the rumours are true and I am going back to my old position in March, well, I don't really see myself successfully leading a team of people who have seen me drunkenly dancing like a hussy (many times) and on one particular occasion, vomiting in a very unattractive fashion.

My own fault, yes, I know.

So, ok, back to meeting new people. Or maybe reconnecting with old people. But preferably new people. Where are the new people located? Is there a vault full of new people somewhere? Or do I just need to "get out there" as they like to say. I don't know who "they" are. People who have successfully met new people, I imagine. And where is "there"? And is it possible to meet new people without them thinking that you are a desperate single person looking for a boyfriend? Because it's apparently almost impossible to maintain a platonic friendship with a guy without it getting "weird". Overuse of the "inverted commas" today, my "apologies".


Merry Chrimbo, Happy New Year, etc. Hope you are all well and jolly and have overdosed on gluttony and family mayhem.


Adam said...

Hahaha, you're "funny".

Wait, what? You might be leaving the job of techiness to go back to a job most hated with the peoples and the stresses and whatnot? That said, I can only work for a teamlead that I've danced like a unco robot with, anyone else is boring and I can't work for boring.

New peeps are dancing salsa. When I was hangin' brisbane style, I hit up some of the salsa spots and had to give it up because there was far too many dudes, like x3. I'd spend the whole time sitting out which is less fun than it sounds. So, if you were to do something similar you'd just be helping to even out the numbers and not at all a single desperate looking for a boyfriend or similar.

RAT said...


Yep, unfortunately in the land of shitty government secondments these things happen. I have a back-up plan if they do try and send me back, and if that fails then I think I might actually look for another job altogether. Team Leading is not my bag. It is somebody elses bag. I would never own such a bag.

You know what? That is a seriously ace idea. I used to do a wee bit of the salsa a few years ago and was thinking about getting a couple of private lessons to get my groove back. Random strangers can look forward to me crushing their toes once more! Thanks Mr Adam!

Anonymous said...

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