Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So I'm half way through my last week of Contact Centre Bollocks and the crazybusy hit me today. Monday and Tuesday were so smooth, so easy, I thought I was going to cruise my way out of that place. Alas! Today was mental, and I don't have high hopes for the rest of the week, either.

The news about the job came out yesterday. Before the official e-mail went to all staff I decided to tell a few people one-on-one, as I felt a bit weird about them learning I was leaving in four days from an e-mail. And it was freaking horrible. I guess this is possibly the first time I've switched jobs when I actually really liked some of the people I work with. I was all shaky hands and nervous twitches as I gave them the news, and most of my team predictably Freaked Out. I hate this leaving shit, can it be over please?

One outcome I wasn't expecting from all of this was a bit of cattiness. I know there's quite a few people who would love a secondment to a different area, so I've had some funny responses from people, including "oh, I thought they weren't releasing staff anymore?" and "well now you've gone, they'll probably never let ME go." What is up with that? Be happy for me, you bitches!

Anyhoo. I've got the rest of this week to get through and then a lovely week off, during which time I am going to lop off all of my hair, catch up with my mum and have farewell drinks with work people. And then starts my super nerdtastic adventure! I am going to become the biggest geek the world has ever seen.

(Yes, even more so than before!)

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