Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's funny how my brain works. Yesterday I had a productive day, had my hair chopped and visited my mum, with the intent of keeping the rest of this week free to study my arse off. This morning, faced with the prospect of sitting down for some long, hard study, I am franctically considering what else I could possibly be doing. This includes:
  • Making random videos for Youtube
  • Locating & watching episodes of The Gilmore Girls
  • Locating & watching episodes of Sex in the City (I think there is something hormonal going on here?)
  • Blogging
  • Driving to the shops to try and find those Jols lollies in the metal tins (I am in love with them)
  • Rummaging through my wardrobe, finding things I haven't worn in forever and then doing my own private fashion show full of dodgy outfits
  • Experimenting with colourful make-up, like I'm 12
  • Baking (I may or may not have purchased a book yesterday entitled "500 Cupcakes")
Book purchase may have been inspired by sitting next to this display yesterday:

I am doing at least one of these things right now, so the trend may continue.

So I left the ridiculously long hair on the hairdressers floor and now it is just shoulder-length. Not as big a deal as I was expecting, though I haven't actually shown it to anyone yet. Except for my mum, whose comment was "oh. You've chopped all your hair off." I did try and take a picture yesterday, before sleeping on it and turning it into a birds nest, however the photos came out shitty, and I'm not going to blog a picture where it looks shittier than normal, gosh darn it. Maybe I could add 'Taking a Hair Photo' to my list of Procrastination Activities for today.

Nothing exciting to report on the Mountain Dwellers(!!!) front. Except every now and then I learn exactly where my various neuroses stem from, in particular my Punctuality Issues. I think I am a lot more laid back than my mum, in terms of accepting things that I can't change, and it is made more evident than ever on days like yesterday. I have this memory of being about 11, and my teacher asking me to stay back after school for a couple of minutes, and the ill feeling I had in my stomach knowing that I was keeping my mum waiting outside in the car. Yesterday I leave the hairdresser WAY later than expected, see the time and promptly crap myself. I call my mum (who has already left me a voicemail message saying she is there waiting for me) and let her know that I am on my way, but that it's about a half hour drive.

So I speed the entire way there, do a big screechy driving into the carpark (screechy, teehee!) and while my mum doesn't say anything (other than the "hair chopped off" comment) she looks weary, and disappointed. And I feel terrible, and am so apologetic it is spew-worthy. So for all the times I am ridiculously early, and all the times I hassle Beardie about getting ready and going, this is my excuse. My deep-seeded Punctuality Issues.

Anyway. So that's the blogging done. What's next on the list?

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