Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yesterday, Beardie and I celebrated our anniversary. Because we are big, childish nerds, we did the following:
  • Went to Underwater World
  • Went to a Ginger Factory

Underwater World is pretty similar to how it was the last time I was there (15 years ago). I was still too scared to touch any of the slimy things in the hands-on tank and still very confused by the private parts of rays and sharks. It was pretty darn cool.

I have an unhealthy obsession with ginger. Sometimes people become obsessed with ginger, when they're elderly and wear cardigans all the time. I am 25 and I want to marry ginger. While I'm at it, I also love cardigans. I ran around the ginger shop like it was Willy Wonka's ginger factory, waving my arms and leaving a trail of drool. Damn this healthy eating bullshit; I could only leave with some ginger bears and a solitary gingerbread man. But they have an online shop, and I will be back. Oh yes.

In brief:
  • I emptied my entire savings account today, to pay for the car. My tiny bank balance makes me sad.
  • Only a week and a half of my fitness thing left! I will do a full wrap-up next week, but it's been a pretty interesting run (and for reasons I cannot fathom, pretty darn successful).
  • I bought some new glasses and prescription sunglasses today. Because apparently I am not content leaving any money in my account, at all. But these things must be done as I progressively become more decrepit and blind.


Adam said...

Whoa! Anniversary! You crazy cats have been togethers forevers now you should probably think about kids now. Ginger kids. With smarties for buttons. MMMMM kids.

Hey, congratulations on being a licenced person of responsibility on road. I totally love the Wrangler, I was going to get one years and years ago but I accidentally got a motorbike instead. Did you have the car of green while being an unlicenced person? How did you drive it? Were you flaunting the law with your devil may care attitute? Awesome!

RAT said...

Adam, whoa indeed! And it's not even the first anniversary - it's the second. Freakin'! Kids made of ginger, or kids who are ginger? I have a couple of ginger relatives and frighten Beardie with the thought of having children with extremely sensitive skin and flaming ginger hair. Of course there is a huge perk to this, in that I would look at my ginger offspring and be reminded of my great love, ginger.

The Wrangler is ace but I am not quite used to all the power, given that my old car was a bomb which couldn't go up hills. I'm sure I'll adjust but at the moment I am all touchy-touchy with the pedals. And I previously just had my automatic licence, and I've only now upgraded to a full manual licence. Alas, no risks have been taken here and I remain as safe as ever. Sigh.