Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lately, I am on a baking frenzy. I have made muffins two weekends in a row (and I'm wondering if it's just the way they make the house smell that I am addicted to) and am fully getting into the whole "make loads of food and then freeze it for lunches" concept. I even bought a gigantic cookbook from one of those discount book places, and it's not as dodgy as you would expect.

Reading: I've read a few books lately, In Cold Blood (which was quite good), Musicophilia (a non-fiction book about the different ways music impacts the brain, which was quite interesting) and I'm currently reading American Psycho, which has so far made me feel physically queasy only the once, though I still have half the book left to go. It is so very graphic (with both violence and sex) that I can't even act all cavalier on the bus, flaunting my banned book in front of everyone's face, because I find that I need to burrow into a corner so that nobody reads about what Patrick Bateman is doing with two girls over my shoulder.

Watching: He's Just Not That Into You. I saw this last night, and Beardie pretended to watch it with me while he actually surfed the net on his iPhone and read through a JB Hi Fi catalogue. It did have me pondering how anyone can possibly live that kind of lifestyle, going out with a different guy every week and obsessing over whether he is The One (do people really do that? Really??), while my "dating" experience has been to go out with the one guy until we are Boyfriend And Girlfriend without going out with anyone else during that time, which is apparently not the norm. I spent the rest of the movie marvelling at Scarlett Johannson's body - are her boobs actually bigger now than they were before? These are the important questions.

Working: On developing a pre-crazy Britney back:

(Actually, that looks like some pretty frightening spine cleavage.)

And a Jessica Biel arse:

It can be done, surely? Maybe I shouldn't be baking muffins.


Mark said...

lol, I can't believe American Psycho is banned in Queensland. Next they'll be trying to deprive you of the adventures of Holden Caulfield.

Lucy said...

Hang on, American Psycho is banned in QLD?

Weird. Although it has a special distinction for me in that it's the only book my parents banned me from reading.

Granted I was 13 and read it anyway, so had nightmares about the two hookers, salt and coat hanger scene, hmmm, maybe the banning is valid.

RAT said...

Mark and Lucy, yep, it's banned here. I tried to order it in Borders ages ago and was looked at like a dirty, evil girl who indulged in devil worship etc. But I found an independent bookstore around the corner, walked in and asked if they could get it for me, and the girl pulled it out from a shelf behind the counter.

And I don't know if it's the most disgusting book I've ever read, but it's definitely up there with the best of them. Not ban-worthy though.

Lucy, you read it at 13? Eek. I had a Stephen King obsession at around that age and had all kinds of messed up nightmares from it. It is possibly responsible for how twisted I am today...

Miss Devylish said...

I would kill for Jessica Biel's body any day. Crazy or pre-crazy.. Britney isn't anything I want to covet.. it's a good pic.. but I'd rather stay w/ Jessica Biel or Jessica Alba actually. But I'm sure it can be done.. squats, lunges and lots of cardio, right? ;)

RAT said...

Miss Devylish, squats and lunges, they are the key! Unfortunately they hurt and I hate them, but I'll keep trying I guess. Or maybe I can develop The Biel just by watching movies starring her? This could be an undiscovered technique.