Sunday, May 31, 2009

You know, there's probably better things I could be doing than watching *NSYNC videos on Youtube.*

For example:

I could be out scaring children with my experimental fingernails. I have seen not one but TWO people with nails like this, so I am thinking that looking as though I have dipped my fingertips into a tin of paint is The In Thing.

I could be eating yet another serve of my Mum's Stew. My Mum's Stew, made by me. So, um, my stew. You know what I mean. Every winter since moving out of home at the age of 18 has been spent whining that I missed my mum's stew. On Saturday, I started to feel those familiar pangs and dug out the hand-written recipe book that I carefully transcribed when I was 12 (in my neatest handwriting, actually) and flicked through the battered pages until I found it. And my GOD, I cannot believe I waited seven years to make it. I had one bowl yesterday, and then today I had the only thing better than Mum's Stew - SECOND DAY MUM'S STEW. For real. You need to come over to my house and try it, STAT. I made enough for eight people.

I could be out spending even more money that I don't have. For somebody who is completely skint, I sure do buy a lot of shit. I put this down to forcing myself to not spend any money at all for ten weeks and then lifting this ban when I had Zero Dollars in my bank account after buying a car. Clever much. But Wednesday is payday, hoorah!

Or, you know, if I got bored of those things I could try:
  • becoming an accomplished pianist
  • fulfilling my lifelong dreams
  • um, figuring out what my lifelong dreams are
  • and, you know, stuff
Sigh. I wish I was in a boy band.

*But that song is just so catchy! And look at wee JT bobbing about on the bed, trying to get his sex on. Awwwww.


Enny said...

Ooh - I've had those nails! Twice, both in acrylics, the first time with glitter in with purple as well.


Mark said...

Post the recipe you twit! That's what teh internets are FOR.

LOLZ at you asterisk.

Miss Devylish said...

It's odd how all of them look soooo gay and only one of them came out. Also? I'd take that stew recipe too! It looks so awesome. Wish I could be right over because it sounds fantastic..

RAT said...

Enny, you mean I actually got it right? Woohoo! I am normally not so good with this stuff. Meanwhile, having nails like this is apparently a hot topic of conversation amongst co-workers. My nails were apparently pretty radical. I am thinking that my work peeps maybe just don't understand how fashionable I am.

Mark, I am quite crap at recipes, and the one that I had handwritten in my book was full of clearly-defined terms like "cook HEAPS of meat" and "add some water". But if I get my shit together, I will post it for sure. Or if you really want it, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you, but forgive me for the guaranteed dodginess.

Miss Devylish, I picked the most homoerotic photo I could find. I also like how two of them looked like they were in their late thirties. Ah, fun times. I still have stew in the freezer if you can make it over. Reheated frozen stew is almost as good as second day stew.