Friday, April 3, 2009

Today is Random Photo Friday!

This my herb garden. I went to Bunnings (I LOVE BUNNINGS), bought the bits, and then made it with my own two hands. I would give it a name, but can't come up with anything more imaginative than "Herbie". And now I just have to learn to cook something other than vegetables and meat so that I can actually use the bloody things.

Another Threadless order arrived! I love Threadless. Jesus is breakdancing!

So I have the day off to go to the dentist and I expect to be prodded and poked with sharp metal hooks and that horrible thing that blows gusts of air into your mouth. But 6-monthly check-ups are good for the whole Dental Health thing, and I plan to keep them up to try and avoid another disgusting abscess and subsequent root canal. Dentists = lovely.

I have a couple of other things to do as well, another driving lesson, a new battery for my watch, some new stockings OMG WHAT AN EXCITING DAY.

But, I am not at work, so hoo-fricking-ray, I say.

There's a shitload of changes afoot at work at the moment, which is not unusual, and if you want to survive working there you need to be really adaptable to change. I am cool with change. I am all "Oh, a change? Yeah, that's cool." But I coach somebody who hates change, and every time there is a change she sits next to me and complains into my ear for HOURS. And being bombarded with negative vibes kinda gets me down.

So besides feeling a bit down, I decided to e-mail the Director about that job that I didn't get. Yes, I was feeling a bit ballsy. And I said "hey, yo, why didn't I get an interview, you bastard?" except, you know, worded all professional-like. And he replied saying he had forwarded the e-mail to one of the panel members, and thanked me for my interest in his Section. And that's the end of the story.

It's the end of the fourth week of my fitness thingy. I realised earlier that this is the first time I have ever stuck to any type of self-improvement thing for more than two weeks, so I am a bit chuffed.

But I figure there's still six weeks left for me to completely cock it up in some way.


Adam said...

So, the chances of photos of you in your undies before and after exercisation are pretty good. Should I put money on it?

Yo, oh, change, I'm cool with that. Genius. This is why we mostly look to you for inspiration/drawings.

Lucy said...

2 things, your herb garden is awesome and I love the breakdancing jesus tshirt. I like sacrilege with my clothing.

And we're in the same situation at work, but you need to teach me how to not detest change. It makes me queasy...

RAT said...

Adam - photos? Of course you mean ace drawings, yes? Though I could use the opportunity to show off my most favourite underpants ever, which ever girl wishes they could do without it seeming pervy.

Lucy, it is my second blasphemous t-shirt. My first one says "Jesus Saves" and Jesus has a piggy bank under his arm and a coin between his fingers. I was going to wear my new Jesus shirt to work but then piked, fearing I would be given a Talking To by the Director who likes church and associated things. And I do dislike some of the changes that are being made, but my attitude about it is just to let everyone get on with it. So my tip for accepting change is to not care so much, while inwardly thinking that they are all twats. This possibly doesn't help?