Friday, April 10, 2009

Reading: I've just finished Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh. It did not float my boat. It was such a bore. It was boredom-making. I have heard that it is some type of highly-acclaimed, insightful social commentary, but methinks it was perhaps much more valid in the 1930's than it is so many years later. I suspect it is most likely one of those books that I just Don't Get. And I am very glad to be rid of it. Now I get to choose a new book to read, which makes my heart all a-flutter.

Watching: a few different things, but I am devastated that United States of Tara is now off the air until 2010. Multiple personality Toni Collette is my favourite Toni Collette.

Going: to the movies. Beardie and I went and saw a movie which cements our reputations as the nerdiest nerds that the realm of nerds has ever known, i.e. Dragonball Evolution. Yeah! It wasn't bad. Goku's hair wasn't big enough and Piccolo was missing his little antennae things. We probably could've waited for the DVD release.

Spotting: a blogger at the gym! A real-life blogger, in person! However, it wasn't actually anyone I read regularly - just a random Brisbane blog I stumbled on one day and spent a few minutes looking at. This girl walked into my class and I just couldn't work out where I'd seen her before, until all of a sudden it dawned on me and I inwardly exclaimed "OMG, I have seen her off the interwebz!" I don't know why I was so terribly excited by this.

Doing: not an awful lot.
  • Piano is on hold until May, with a brand-new teacher who is just down the road from me.
  • Herbie is doing well, and is growing impressively despite having bits snipped off him all the time.
  • I am continuing to lose little bits of pudge here and there, very slowly indeed.
  • Work is killing me, as per usual. I did actually get a heap of feedback following that e-mail I sent to the Director and I am slightly daunted by everything they want me to do before I can get a job down there. Where I am going to find the time to complete a billion training courses, I don't know.
  • The plan for Easter is to buy a coat (this is outside of the buying-new-clothes ban, because yesterday was fricking cold and I don't want to spend this winter shivering) and go for a drive to a cave to look at some glow worms.



Mark said...

I can't believe you didn't like Vile Bodies. I guess it's hard to get into a story when it's just lots of bad things happening and the main character doesn't really care about any of it. Never read Morvern Callar, OK?

Did I recommend In Cold Blood last time books came up? That's a good one.

RAT said...

Mark, I have actually read Morvern Callar and from what I remember, it was quite good. I'm not sure I see it as similar to Vile Bodies though. I'm sure there's reasons why it's so popular but I just couldn't see them. Happens often. Maybe it was just the 1930's-ism of it that put me off. I think you mentioned In Cold Blood on your blog recently. I've got it stored in my mental shopping list.

Mark said...

np. Good luck on your test!