Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So, I passed my manual driving test this morning. This is fantastic news, because of the following:
  • I no longer have to have lessons with one of the most infuriating men on earth. Mr. Forgets-a-lot who reprimanded me on pretty much everything I did and told me that he had given up hope of me ever slowing down for corners. Maybe I did suck quite badly, but I can only handle a solid hour of "don't do that" and "CLUTCH CONTROL!" and "be careful about this" for so long before paying $55 for the privilege seems to be an unfair price. And I can't have been as bad as he made out if my creepy tester let me pass. Surely.
  • I can go car shopping! The little green shitbox is making high-pitched whirring noises quite a lot these days (not to mention billowing black smoke from under the bonnet), and I think that during this economic crisis it is high time for me to get myself into a lot of debt. Because I'm clever like that.
  • I have a much nicer licence photo! Admittedly, I did tart myself up a little bit in the hope that should my driving efforts be abysmal, perhaps I could flutter my eyelashes to reach a pass mark, and as a result I don't look like my usual hobo self in my photo. Hoorah!
  • I never have to take another driving test, ever again! Retrospectively, I really shouldn't have been such a lazy cow and taken the easy way out in the first place, but what's done is done, and I am stoked to be finished with it.


Mark said...

Congratulations! You have coordination and stuff.

Car shopping is the worst though. I would rather be breathed on by Mexicans. My only tip is that Hyundai Accents are supposed to be good. I got one for six grand and it's been a-ok. Whatever you get though, post photos.

RAT said...

Mark, thanks! Not much coordination, I still flap my arms around like a git when I need to do anything quickly, but I figure I'll get there. And I gave in to the side of my brain which likes shiny things and ended up with a Jeep. So now I'm tackling gears (7 of the bastards, including reverse) as well as four-wheel drive. I like to throw myself head first into the deep end, apparently.