Friday, April 24, 2009

On Thursday, the Director sat us down to discuss Our Jobs. He used the phrase "the economic crisis has come to Queensland government." He likes to say things like that for impact. Apparently the area that I work in is considered a target by the other head honcho types, and while everyone is looking for ways to save money (they just took away the free teabags), our jobs may be at risk. May be at risk. Nobody knows anything, or if they do, they're not saying a word.

A couple of people felt a little panicked. The Director said that we shouldn't panic, and that we should boost our performance so that the Cost-Cutters have nothing to fault us on. I took in this information quite calmly. With the rate that things progress in government, if I am going to lose my job it will probably take a few months, at least. I already scour Seek every morning for shiny new jobs. There is no change. Business as usual.

It's probably pretty unlikely that they would fire me, though.

I mean, who would fire the owner of incredibly sexy sock boots such as these?

They'd have to be crazy.


Lucy said...

No effing way. I just bought myself the same sock/slipper thingys today.

Ps - Bosses say twatty things like that when really their middle management selves are always the first to go.

RAT said...

Lucy, this can only mean that we both have the most awesome taste in the known universe. I wore my sock/boot things for the first time on the weekend and it was like heaven.

And yes, I do kind of hope he is the first to go, because he is a massive git. I was pretty calm about the whole thing; a couple of the other guys were freaking out. If I lose this job, I'll just go get another one. Or become a wandering nomad. Now THAT's tempting.