Sunday, April 19, 2009

I feel like I need to do something. Start my own business, trek somewhere exciting, begin a quest for Youtube stardom, something.

Unfortunately, I'm fresh out of ideas. I will just have to sit here until my feet stop itching.


No news.

No news is good news? Actually, no news = boring life. Part of my Itchy Feet Syndrome seems to be feeling desperate to blog, but I have tried several times this week only to find that my only content is Bitching About Work, and Boring Fitness Stories. So, in an effort to not fall back onto those two old faithful topics, here's some random bullet points about other things in my life:
  • My pet bird has a broken feather. He keeps yanking on it, and getting it caught in the bars of the cage, and squawking in pain.

  • We went out for dinner last night at a Trendy restaurant. Definition of Trendy: it was packed with young folk in fashionable outfits, the lights were dimmed down low, curtains were slung around the place, and the seats were actually cushions on the floor. Needless to say, with my jeans/singlet combo and lack of shiny accessories, I did not fit in. While we were waiting in the bar area, I was almost swallowed by a bean bag.

  • Beardie and I visited DFO today for the first time, after hearing so much about its 'shopping mecca' status. It was large, but not quite the size of a small country, and contained some cheap prices, but also some expensive ones too, and we bought some square, black plates. Because food tastes better when it is served on stylish crockery, you see.

Speaking of winter, the weather is coming along very nicely. Despite my Driver's Arm sunburn suggesting the contrary, the mornings and evenings are cool, and I get to wear hoodies sometimes. Hoodies are only second in the Comfort Clothing category to my fat pants.
  • We gave some friends a lift into the Valley for dinner last night, and I was faced with a Reverse Parking dilemma. Dilemma = I was forced to reverse park. I have not really tried reverse parking since I actually passed my test, and therefore had one of those comical moments where I drive a little bit forward, and then drive a little bit backwards, repeat forty times, etc. I was paid out for it, which was well-deserved, but it has left my driving ego slightly bruised. I am thinking that if I want to upgrade my licence in two weeks, I need to brush up on some skills quite quickly indeed.

(P.S. Work blows.)

3 comments: said...

Hoodies are the shit.
And I have been to that restaurant, I drank far too many of the cocktails before we got to sit down and eat abd decided throwing chopsticks over the curtains was funny. Possibly not that funny upon reflection.

Lucy said...

Dude, that coat is way cute. Also shiny hair much?

And DFO is like a really shitty lucky dip, sometimes you get good stuff, but most of the time you just get crap you don't want.

RAT said...

i.h.m.n, hoodies are so the shit. And their cocktail list is very impressive. I only had one. Curse this healthy bullshit. I think I would go back there for drinks, but not sure about dinner. The whole sitting on the floor/entree size meals was weird. Plus I asked if I could have a side dish of vegetables instead of rice and they said "No. Rice only." Weird.

Lucy, thank you lovely girl. And I think that the shiny-ness is possibly to do with the camera flash. My hair is normally pretty scruffy. Yeah, I got that feeling about DFO. The decent stuff was full price anyway so I'm not sure I could be bothered driving all the way out there again.