Friday, January 30, 2009

So I was on the bus home just a little while ago, and my phone started buzzing. I pulled it out of my bag and looked at the display, which read:


Well, it was actually his name, but, you know. For the blog's sake. But not my most recent ex, but the one before that. The first ex. Who I haven't actually seen or spoken to in, oh, FOUR YEARS?

So I whigged out a bit. I couldn't help it. I like to think that I am a grown-up who can handle these situations, but obviously I am a sissy girlpants. I just stared at the phone, and then it stopped buzzing. He left me voicemail.

I hopped off the bus and walked home, wondering what it could possibly be about. Perhaps something had happened in his life and for some reason, he wanted to talk to me about it? Maybe he just wondered where we both were at after a few years? I listened to the message:

"Hi. It's Ex-BF, you might remember me. I was just curious to see if you still had this number. I still have it in my phone, for some silly reason. Anyway, bye."

  • I never noticed what a major bogan accent he has.
  • He doesn't sound friendly in the slightest.
  • WTF kind of message is that?
  • Curious if I still had the number, how about "curious about you, how you're doing" etc.
  • For some silly reason? Way to compliment a girl.
  • TWAT.
And I felt really annoyed.

This is following the text message I received earlier in the week from my ex (the other one) which annoyed the shit out of me, too.

So I can conclude the following:
  • There is something going on with the alignment of the planets, or the lunar cycle, or something, that is making people from my past get in touch with me.
  • I am very easily annoyed (possibly because of planet alignment or lunar cycle).

The girl sitting in front of me on the bus had the most ridiculous hair that I have ever seen. I wanted to take a picture of it, but there were too many people around me and it would've looked suss. Instead, here is an incredibly lifelike drawing.

It was a big, fluffy, knotty birds nest. She was young and hip though, and you see, this is why I will never, ever be a fashionable person.


Jen said...

Girls in Tokyo wear their hair like that constantly. It's sort of like a competition to see who can get their nest-y bit the highest and most perfectly messy.

Having said that, I've never seen it in Brisbane? How very curious.

Mark said...

Sry, just had to leave a comment at the phrase "Whig out." I can't really imagine you getting dressed up in seventeenth-century garb and railing against the British aristocracy...

Lucy said...

I see that hair a lot in the school girls on Sydney's north shore where I work.

Seriously if big hair was a trend when I was back in school I would've nailed it.

Also I checked with my Dad about the astrology stuff going on and there's all types of blasts from the pasts going on. Which makes sense since my ex contacted me last week too.

Bloody exes.

RAT said...

Jen, it was the first time I'd ever seen it. It just looked so bizarre; I couldn't stop staring at her hair. Poor girl. I think she was a little scared of the crazy staring lady at the back of the bus.

Mark, ha! I have asked the great Gods of the interwebz and they've advised me to leave the H out of "whig" to avoid confusion. Wig!

Lucy, I'm waiting for slightly ratty hair to come into fashion. I would be all over that. Yes, bloody exes! I am hoping that the planets/stars/whatever are not going to do that again for a very long time.