Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So, it is New Years Eve. Once again, I have planned diddly squat. Here are my options:

  • Try my luck in the city, with the crowding, and the hours of waiting for a taxi, etc.
  • Accept the invite of a work friend and head up the coast to watch the fireworks and drink wine. Downsides being we have no place to stay up there, so I'd be limited to inhaling the scent of the wine rather than drinking any, because I would need to drive home afterwards and I am a giant cadbury.
  • Sit at home with beers and watch the fireworks on TV.
  • Sit at home with beers and watch a DVD, and pretend it isn't happening.
Option Four is looking quite tempting.

There are some people who hate Christmas, so I figure that I am allowed to hate New Years. The biggest, most ridiculous build-up, for a night that is inevitably a let-down, because there's just too many fricking people out who are insanely drunk and driving me mental. Yep, I think that New Years is maybe not the best event for somebody who isn't a fan of people. Despite this, I am still in two minds about what to do, because saying that I sat at home and watched Battle Royale instead of some elaborate celebration will most likely make me seem lame.

I am thinking that I should maybe just accept that I Am Lame, and move on.


Rugby Weather said...

Any good Aussie Rules Games on to watch while getting pissed? said...

At least you are planning on drinking beers.

I was thinking just going to sleep was looking like a good plan.

I do not like New Years.

Mark said...

Dude, that sounds like a good movie.

I'm jealous actually - going out and doing stuff is, like, too much work or something. If I had a GF I'd totally stay in.

Rugby Weather said...

Well, I'm sure it's New Years already out there, but it is only 1630 here in Virginia. My wife and I are going to stay in, drink some sparkling and watch a few movies!! Not to exciting, but mellow!! Happy New Year everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I applaud option #4. Having owned a bar,pub,nightclub for five years, tonight is "amateur night" out there. I'm very content winding up in my own bed,(perhaps a very mild headache) and reaching over to touch my wife, versus waking up to "Bubba" next to me, in the County "lock up", breathing heavily and groping my ,....well you get the idea!
Mr. Guinness
Enjoy all you options, but # 4 assures a tomorrow in the privacy of your own place.

Lucy said...

So not lame, not lame at all.

I went to a house party for NYE and there was a melodramatic couple's fight, too much drinking, gatecrashers who barely knew anyone and then claimed the best position in the house (balcony), vomit cleaning up duty, ending up with sharing a room with 4 other people, one who was a terrible snorer.

I actually had a great night but next year I'm either going on holidays or staying at home. Far too much effort.

RAT said...

Rugby Weather, I'm afraid I'm not an Aussie Rules kind of girl. Well maybe I am, if I'm pissed enough. But sober, 'fraid not. And Happy New Years to you too, I hope it was a good one!

i.h.m.n, I think that we should start some kind of anti-New Years movement. I ended up going out on the Friday after New Years, which sucked, because everywhere was deserted. Therefore, New Years ruined my night out, which gives me another reason to hate it.

Mark, have you not seen Battle Royale? You must watch it immediately! It has a huge cult following. And that girl with the ball and chain from Kill Bill.

Mr. Guinness, you are a wise, wise man. Option Four is what I ended up choosing, and we sat in and drank experimental cocktails and had a very lovely time. And when I wanted to go to bed, I didn't have to wait for two hours for a taxi. Hooray!

Lucy, I think a house party is pretty much the only option I would consider, other than staying in like a hermit. I really like your going on holidays idea though, that is great. Just leaving everyone else get on with it. Awesome!