Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, glorious Friday. Plans for the weekend:
  • Piano lesson tomorrow morning (and I can play the fast staccato-ey bit of Für Elise with almost no mistakes, so I expect my teacher to congratulate me as if I am a toddler who just did my first wee in the grown-up toilet, or I'll be upset).
  • Christmas carols tomorrow night, via the television. I missed going to the real-live carols (the perils of late-afternoon napping) so I am going to sit on the couch, air conditioner puffing away, and get boozed while I sing at the top of my lungs. Beardie's participation in this ear-bleeding punishment is doubtful.
  • Avoidance of all shops, and of going outside in general. Due to the major case of the crazies that has struck everyone in this pre-Christmas madness. So yes, crazy people, and also I hatehatehate it when people stalk me for my car park.
  • Finish off the pack of Fantales on my desk.
  • Ah, shit! I have just realised that I have to go out this weekend, because I need to buy rum balls and candy canes and various other edible things to give to people at work. Bugger.
  • Contemplating how I managed to land the dodgiest Secret Santa present in the history of dodgy presents. I spent hours hunting through shops to buy something ideal for my person, and I am repaid with a plastic toy which is supposed to shoot bubbles, but doesn't really work properly. Yes, I shouldn't be ungrateful, but I think that whoever had me must've had about $8 change left out of the $10 budget after buying my gift. Or they found it in a gutter somewhere. Perhaps saying these things makes me a horrible person, but I can only keep The Happy-Lovelies going for so long at work before The Whinge starts spewing out, via blog or all over Beardie.
  • Thinking of what else I can buy Beardie for Christmas. I am completely stumped. Under the tree, there's currently three more gifts for me than there is for him, and I can't handle it. I am considering wrapping up household items like the kettle, or the toaster, just to bulk up numbers. Normally I am quite good at this stuff, but this year I suck.
And I hope your weekend is very lovely indeed.


nailpolishblues said...

Less than $10? I work with the most pretentious bastards ever. Over $20 only. My gift sucked too. A nanna tea cup with matching DO I look eighty?

Mark said...

Twenty dollars or more? That goes against the whole idea of Secret Santa :( Not that I like the idea of Secret Santa in the first place. It's like having a stalker.

lol at Christmas carols, btw. Convince the bf that he has a great voice and he'll accompany you.

RAT said...

Nails, it makes me feel better to know that you hated your present too. I was starting to feel a bit awful after watching everyone else gush over what they'd been given. But I will still join in again next year, on the off chance that I am given something that doesn't completely suck. I am a glutton for punishment.

Mark, it is very much like having a stalker. I followed my person around, examined their desk when they were in the toilet, and interrogated their closest friends. And Beardie did join in with the carols, a little bit. But it was mostly me. Me, rum, and my whiny voice. It was super fun.