Monday, December 15, 2008

You know, deep down I know that Christmas is a pile of bollocks. And that there's no such thing as a day when everything is perfect, and that the Magic of Christmas is actually the Magic of Spending Heaps o' Cash, etc. etc. Yet! I still get this excited squealy feeling in my stomach when I know Christmas is coming. And I get all soppy and start swaying over old Christmas songs. And we've had our tree up since the end of November, and I put the lights on every night with the blinds slightly open so that we look like Those People who have a Christmas tree with lights on in their window.

I've been wondering why I act this way at Christmas time, and I think I have worked it out. A long time ago, when I was but a wee lass, I was a cynical little turd who thought that Santa was a crock. I would watch the Christmas cartoons and movies and my mum would put up the tree, but I can't remember ever actually believing in Santa, at all. So eventually, as I was the youngest in my family by several years and it was for nobody's benefit but mine, my mum gave up on the tree. We still did presents and the dinner and all of that, but no tree, no decorations, and I didn't really give a rats at the time.

Fast-forward 15 years, and here I am, getting gooey over putting up a freaking tree, having an advent calendar, wrapping presents with silver ribbon and driving people mental by humming Christmas carols wherever I go. If my mother had forced Christmas frivolity onto me well into my teens, I am sure I would be a different person today.

Life update: I am learning Für Elise on the piano and while it's not quite Tori, it's pretty darn cool nonetheless. The speed at which I'm supposed to play it makes me feel like a clumsy, fat-fingered git, but I am trying my hardest, because it beats On Top of Old Smokey by a long shot. If I can ever manage to play it without cocking it up, I will vlog it. In fact, I will vlog the shit out of it, because I am super glad that I am actually almost succeeding at something, and haven't given it up yet, for the first time in a long time.

Today I have the day off (trying to reduce my hours), and have watched an Oprah special on the Olsen twins, and wasted hours on Youtube with Electric Six videos, and the like. Hoorah!


Mark said...

I was just thinking about how
Christmas is really the only day of the year when everybody does the same thing at once. I guess that's what I like most about it - the feeling that everyone is taking part.

You know, except the Jews. I was just reading the Jewish site and it says that Christmas used to be a pagan festival with orgies, human sacrifice and gingerbread men. Neat, huh?

RAT said...

Mark, gosh, that site is a bit of a Christmas downer. "In addition to human sacrifice, he mentions these customs: widespread intoxication; going from house to house while singing naked; rape and other sexual license..." That makes eating Christmas dinner and gathering the family together seem a bit lame, really.