Monday, October 27, 2008

So life is stressful and a bit shitty at the moment. Presenting the week that was:
  • There is bad shit going down with my best mate at work. She is very emotional and stressed about some personal issues, and me never knowing what to say means that I suck when it comes to being a positive, reassuring friend. Throw in some work stress, and this makes for a bad, bad combo. I think that I am learning that buying people donuts when they need cheering up isn't the fix to all of the world's problems. Even if they are topped with Lindt chocolate.

  • I once again cocked up at work, and the Important People once again made phone calls about me. Turns out that I am looking more incompetent by the second, despite my best efforts. As well as my Pretty Hair technique, I have now also adopted the Colourful Underpants technique. Because while I may continually screw shit up, at least I have pretty hair and colourful underpants. I will report on their success/failure shortly.

  • I am still desperately trying to reassure myself that I am not wasting my twenties by booking in some piano lessons. Whilst trying to act young and hip in my conversation with the receptionist lady at the music school, I was asked when I wanted to book my daughter in for her first lesson. Apparently, I sound mum-ish. Turns out she had confused me with the person she had spoken to previously, BUT STILL. They are pretty much booked solid for the next couple of weeks, except for a few slots which clash with The Holiday, so I guess I will follow it up when I get back.

  • That's right, from MY HOLIDAY. Moving onto the things that are good, I am actually starting to get excited about having a whole week off work, where I can be young and carefree and dress like a hippie. Most of the week is fully booked with day trips and boat trips and trips to the cocktail bar, but just chilling and getting a massage is sounding like heaven. Good luck to whoever has to get the knots out my back, because it feels like a boy scout has earned a few badges back there.

  • Forever the last one on the bandwagon, I have recently discovered Dexter, and it turns out that serial killers float my boat. Who knew?
Four days to go!


Mark said...

You have donuts topped with Lindt chocolate? Um, did I mention how, uh, lovely your hair is today?

But I was going to bring up Dexter, since bringing people donuts may now make you seem like a psychopath. Try muffins instead. Or coffee. Or tea - the sanest beverage of them all.

Lucy said...

Oh chicken, I'm sorry things are all stressful and gross for you.

Two good things though -

1. You have holidays soon.
2. You are in the protected zone at work, re: complaints. In any new job you have that 2-3 month buffer zone where any mistakes made are put down to being new in the role. (Also, those higher ups who call your boss to bitch? Guarantee they do it constantly, about you, about everyone else, about how their mouse doesn't have the scroll wheel and why doesn't this app shit rainbows. Guaranteed.)

Anonymous said...

Again I fall back to Latin, check my spelling though,..."illegitimi non carborundum est" or translated to today's venacular,...."Don't let the bastards drag you down!"
Always knew there was evil in the world, but why to I have to work with all of them! :)

Adam said...

Dude, let's swap jobs for a sec. I'm a terrible work person because I have not much to do and should be using all sorts of initiative to make the world a better place, ie, Line the pockets of the man gooderer. My stress is that I don't really care, but probs look like a lazy so and so. Also, I work in a chocolate factory.

You however, have a kabillion things to do, way too many and have to deal with peeps. I like dealing with peeps, currently I only have computers to deal with.

Swap for 1 week? Will Beardie be cool with this? Cara will be fine, bring shoes.

Adam said...

P.S) I can't promise that I won't marry some of your drawings on this here blog.

RAT said...

Mark, yep, both white and milk chocolate. Do you have Dreamy Donuts in WA? If not, I will post some to you. Mm, posted donuts. And I love tea! Tea will be a great cover for the serial killer within.

Lucy, thanks missy. You are full of clever words. I know I'll get more comfortable with it and hopefully won't screw shit up quite as much. It's just a blow to my precious ego at the moment. Sniff.

Mr. Guinness, so true. I will normally feel a little bit down, but then I go home and vent my heart out (poor Beardie) and then I feel a bit better. Helps me put things into perspective.

Adam/Mr. Wonka, I would trade you any day! I love computers, and hate people. This is SO win/win that it is blowing my mind. However, I am unsure if you recall that I actually work for a government department that you used to work for yourself, before you left Brissie? But you've already made the offer and totally can't back out.