Monday, October 20, 2008

I have no blog mojo at the moment.
  • Work is bleurgh. I screwed something up and Important People made phone calls about it, and it made me feel a bit rubbish. I combat this by looking sheepish, and making my hair pretty, so that even though I may have cocked shit up royally, at least I have pretty hair.

  • I think I am going through a mid-twenties crisis at the moment. Re-evaluating friendships and wondering why I never pursue my interests. All that shit. I have also been having little confidence crises where I feel completely out of my depth, and wonder what I am doing in this meeting, and what is everyone talking about? Maybe this is part of growing up. Or signs that I really am losing my mind.

  • I think I am going to get piano lessons and maybe start a band. See mid-twenties crisis comment above.

  • I went to drinks with work people on Friday night, and I really have to stop going. I can't be doing this team leader biz, and then spilling beer on my team members after hours. Or doing my Cat Deeley impersonation. Or any of the many embarrassing things that I tend to do when the alcohol has hit me.

  • This Friday I am attending farewell drinks (not work people, so it's ok) for the third person this month. So, you know, if everyone could please stop leaving me now, that would be tops.


miss v said...

Dahrrr. Am starting Shit Job at the moment and simultaneously going through 'Existential' 'Mid-twenties' 'Crisis' too, one week in. So, drinks to that! (I don't mind the spills, no worries.)


Unfortunately i have no other insight and/or cheerful comment to add so... bye bye!

ps: Can we see the Cat Deeley impersonation? Does it involve alot of nose wrinkling?

Mark said...

Cat Deeley? Nose-wrinkling? British accents? *sigh!*

Mark's tips on starting a band:
1) Find someone who has been in a band before and let them make all the big decisions.
2) Make friends with other bands and go to their shows.
3) If you can't be good, be funny.

I have tried all 3 tips and stand by them 100%.

Lucy said...

I third the Cat Deeley, and second Mark's swoon. She is seriously awesome.

And that feeling you have at work where you're sure someone's going to realise that you have no idea what you're doing and walk you out of the premises and take away your salary and job?

Yeah, I know that feeling well.

RAT said...

miss v, good luck with your new job! When all else fails, have the drinks BEFORE you start work in the morning, instead of after you leave in the evening. My Cat Deeley is all about the accent, and the timing. I'm afraid I can't pull off the cuteness.

Mark, thank you for your tips. Especially the 'making friends with other bands' tip, because I plan to do that immediately and start sponging off their talent ASAP.

Lucy, it's a crap feeling. Half of me is all 'hey, this is an opportunity to improve' and half is 'this is an opportunity for me to QUIT'. Bah.