Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a crazy Friday. Trying to attend five meetings (one of which was the dreaded, face-reddening Team Meeting), partake in a team lunch (in which I ate the team food, but did it at my desk, while I continued working), and then hand over my entire job to somebody else, and then catch up on the e-mails I haven't had a chance to look at all day is my definition of a crazy Friday. I went home late. It blew.

And now, welcome to my crazy weekend. Before we leave for the airport tomorrow at 11-ish, we need to:
  • completely clean the house from head to toe, because there is a house inspection while we are away, and we currently live in a sty
  • prepare the spare room for the friend who is house-sitting while we're away
  • clean up the files on my PC so that the friend who is house-sitting doesn't stumble upon a) blog stuff, b) porn
  • go to the going away party of a friend who is moving to another country
  • attend an appointment in which hair will be violently ripped out of my body
  • eat regular meals to prevent starvation
  • PACK
So, I guess I better get cracking.

Sunday afternoon through to Saturday morning is CHILL TIME. I'll see you after that, tanned and carefree.

Well. Hopefully.


Rugby Weather said...

House inspection? What's up with that? The only time I've had a house inspection was whilst in the military and had a barracks inspection. Otherwise the last time was when I was selling my house and we had walk-throughs take place.
I understand how being in charge sucks. I am in a management position in the military and it sucks up alot of your time. The worst is when you see other middle management types deftly handling problems and you wonder if you could do such a great job.

RAT said...

Rugby, it's part of renting a house here unfortunately. I don't mind really, as it's a valid reason to completely clean the house from top to bottom once every six months. And there's definitely some other people who seem to handle the people management stuff a lot better than I do. I'm hoping that I get better at it, but it's going to take time. And stress. Stress and time.