Friday, September 26, 2008

So. Turns out I got the job. And now I earn lots o' cash. For doing something which I'm kinda scared of doing. I have really mixed feelings about it, because on the one hand I feel like I've been picked because of the major candidate shortage (yes, I'm sort of a last resort. Awesome!), and that it isn't where I want my career to go, and then on the other hand I am blinded by the cash.

I have never applied for a promotion when I wasn't sure if I actually wanted it, until now. I will just see what happens. Time will tell, I guess.

I think I have the potential to do well. But I just need to grow some balls.

Today is my DAY OFF! And I am going to the dentist for a lovely check-up. Where my mouth will be prodded with hooks and scraped with spiky things and then I will be asked to pay for it. Crazy world, etc.

I am also going to farewell drinks for a co-worker, which means I will be mingling with work people, on a day where I could have potentially steered clear of them altogether. But they are an alright bunch, etc.

At some point I should probably clear up the clothes which are scattered everywhere. Worn clothes which have been thrown on the floor, and clean clothes which are sitting around in various clothes baskets, waiting to be put away. We are messy indeed.

I bet that your days off aren't as exciting as mine.


Anonymous said...

It's funny, because from outside, despite your explicit doubts, it always looked to me like you were a ring-in for the job. There just seemed to be little things in your words that indicated that they already wanted you there and were just through the motions. Also, an absence of candidates doesn't make you a "last resort" - it means there aren't others around that can *do* the job. It also makes you "in demand", which is brilliant (as Thurston Howell III said "Money, money, money; cash, cash, cash!" - yeah, I quote Gilligan's Island characters; is that a problem? ;-) ).

You don't need to "grow some balls" either. See, I've already got some (no, I'm not offering to detach them and send them to you), but, that whole dentist description you gave...well, I haven't been to the dentist since I was 13, for precisely that reason (I've been lucky; my teeth have been fine despite this). So, you've got bigger balls than me. ~grin~

[This speech has been bought to you by Montsnmags Motivational Enterprises - as we like to say "We may talk a lot of crap, but if it makes you feel good, does it matter?"]

PS. Seriously, congratulations! I wish you well in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey RAT,
Congrats!! You already got "the balls" for the job, just don't forget you got 'em. You seem be be a fair person, a tolerant person (if you do your job and don't piss on my shoes), and willing to dig in and get it done.
An old Latin expression is in order,...illegitimi non carborundum est,....the spelling may be a little off but the translation si,..."don't let the bastards drag you down!" , go kick ass, don't take prisoners, and who knows soon you can hire someone to put away the clothes after they iron them. (American attitude, sigh)

Rugby Weather said...

Congrats and thanks for the return email!! Management sucks, but once you get use to it, it actually is pretty satisfying, until you have to correct someone who is lazier than yourself.
A good book for you: The Terror. Read it, be it, love it.


RAT said...

montsnmags, you are too lovely. You should be given a Motivational Commenter award. Though I do think I need to grow some balls, because while I may have dentist balls, I am lacking people balls. If you know what I mean. And thanks!

Mr Guinness, while I am handing out Motivational Commenter awards, I shall give one to you also. Thank you muchly!

Rugby Weather, thank you! That book has really great reviews, I will check it out this week, for sure.