Sunday, September 28, 2008


I went to the dentist, and all seems to be fairly ok in the mouth region. My wisdom teeth now cause me no trouble/pain at all, which I took to mean that I would never have to have them removed, but ALAS! I have to go back to the dentist in a couple of weeks to discuss having them removed, because apparently they're all squished in there and will cause decay on the other teeth. Or something.

Hooray for extractions. Me and my stupid teeth which don't fit.

Went home and arsed about. Watched random crap on Youtube, and received a couple of Congrats-type texts from work people, which I assume means that they made an announcement about the job, and sent around an e-mail, or something. I then went into the city to meet up with these work people, for the farewell drinks.

All went well, everyone drank and made merry, etc. It was all terribly fun, but how things are going to be on Monday when I have to face the co-worker who made a serious pass at me, I DON'T KNOW. And it wasn't even a drunken "maybe she'll shag me" effort, it was a very full on, look deep into my eyes and let me tell you how much you mean to me type of effort.

Flattering as I am hardly ever hit on hardly hardly ever never, but WOAH.

Also, the drunkest of the bunch decided to use me to stabilise his poor attempt at walking, fell over as he was trying to cross the dance floor and took me down with him, in front of a few hundred people. And everyone thought that I was the pisshead when for once in my life, I wasn't.

And Saturday.

Lazy, lazy day. We went out for dinner/drinks but it turns out that I am not 19, and am completely unable to drink on two consecutive nights. Fortunately I didn't puke or fall asleep in the corner, but a very poor effort nonetheless.

Sunday. Lovely Sunday. Much sitting out the back and enjoying warmth. I may as well enjoy it now before it becomes Queensland Extreme and starts to piss me off.

And back to work on Monday. Sigh. And seeing what comes of the stuff that happened on Friday night. Not the falling over. The other thing. I am sort of hoping for the Let's Pretend It Never Happened approach, for everyone's sake.



Rugby Weather said...

Whoa...sounds like a fun few days. Luckily, I've been able to keep my wisdom teeth, albeit it is because (as my wife tells me) I have to big of a mouth.

And don't sweat the drunk falling down thing. It's always a good fun thing.

And the Terror is a great book. Alternate History based on a true story of the early Arctic explorers. Since the whole crew died on that exploration, he uses the story to throw in a monster on the ice that is also killing the people. Quite interesting.

Watched a good movie last night...In Bruges. Pretty interesting little movie. Quite good.

Mark said...

She's a mover and a shaker! With adequate balls! Yay!

Re: impacted wisdom teeth, get a second opinion. I know a lot of people who have never had them out (for instance me) and that is an operation you DO NOT WANT TO HAVE. Especially if you intend on going out in public during the two weeks after.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the second consult, no sense mucking about in the mouth without really valid reasons, particularly with a scalpal. You're right about the "death of the party animal gene" once it dies it's dead, life can still be fun, but recovery is slower and lower than before.
Mr. guinness

RAT said...

Rugby weather, you are very lucky indeed! I am tempted to just keep them anyway and deal with it when they all go black and rotten. That should be ok, right?

Mark, I think that if it happens I will need at least two weeks off work. And can't they knock you out for it, so that you can just go to happysleepland and not deal with it? I have got an x-ray appointment next Friday so I will find out then.

Mr. Guinness, yes, it's very sad. Though I work with people who are in their 30's and still going strong. Maybe I let it die too soon...