Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bullet points, etc.
  • So I was supposed to find out about the job, but didn't, and have now been told that I probably won't find out until early next week. So. Whatever. Pffffft.
  • I apparently annoyed several people on the bus today when I turned my iPod up to a Very Loud volume. I did it because of the impossibly pretty but highly annoying group of girls who sat next to me and started chatting about crap. After a day at work, I don't want to overhear crap. So I cranked up Air, which should have really had a soothing effect on everyone, but instead brought me nasty looks and caused whispered conversations amongst the boho chic girls. Bah!
  • We watched Heroes last night, and I don't normally blog TV, but OH MY! So very much happened! And I just had to get that out of my system.
  • While I am doing this Team Leader gig, I am starting work a bit later than I was previously. This means that I am now getting a different bus, at a different time. And this means that I no longer get to see the following passengers:
    • Mr. Never Sit Down. The man who will get onto an almost completely empty bus, but still stand in the aisle. This is the cause of much pondering on my part. Is he too much of a gentleman? Is he just annoying?
    • Possible crackwhore. The woman who is dressed impeccably, has very perfect hair, but looks like she is on crack. Yes, I suppose it is possible that she's just unwell in some way, and I will feel very bad if that turns out to be true, but at the moment I prefer to go with the crackwhore theory.
  • On my new bus I have:
    • The unloving couple. Yes, cruel of me to pass judgment, but I have seen them walking to the bus stop on opposite sides of the road. When they get to the bus stop, they don't speak a word, and then he barges onto the bus in front of her. So they get this name, mmkay.
    • The sickening couple. On the opposite side of the couple radar is the couple who spend the entire bus trip nuzzled up together, looking into eachothers eyes lovingly, kissing repeatedly, giggling and making me BARF.
  • And it's just not quite the same.

  • Meanwhile, I have had a weak wrist for quite a while, and was never sure why, but I have since discovered that I have some kind of freaky ganglion thing on there, and I feel like a bit of a mutant. I am going to the doctor on Saturday and I fully expect him to make me normal again. I can only conclude that it has come about as the result of too much Computering. That'll teach me.


Mark said...

Wasn't a ganglion the monster in The Wrath of Kahn? Anyways, I know what you mean. I typed way too much on Sunday and must now go and kick my own arse for writing this comment.

RAT said...

Yes, I think you'll find that "RAT's wrist" does appear in the credits of The Wrath of Khan, for portraying the ganglion monster. I think that ganglion is a great word. It's not used anywhere near as much as it should be. Just don't google any pictures of it, because it's a guaranteed barf-fest. This is why self-diagnosing a tiny little bump on your wrist is a bad idea. And now I'm rambling.