Saturday, October 4, 2008

Work makes me want to take up smoking. Just so I can go downstairs and have 15 minute bitch sessions. In fact, I think I am going to start going for the bitch sessions, cigarettes or not.

Performance managing people stresses me the hell out. Because I am all "hey, if I want to get the job done, I need to make this change, EASY!" and they are all "yeah I know I need to change, but I'm a DICK who WON'T so THERE." And because I can't relate to this attitude, I just want them to go away, and preferably die.

This is how I find myself at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, typing up coaching notes in preparation for Monday.

In that bullshitty "Employment Objective" part of my resume, I always used to say that I wanted a challenging job, but GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I have been cursed.

And this comes with extra bitterness, as I found out yesterday that if I had not been given this job, I would have been offered another job in a more technical (i.e. antisocial) area, where I got to play with servers and no longer talk to customers and possibly blog/watch Youtube ALL DAY. However, this would have been at a bit of a paycut, BUT STILL.

Also! In the ongoing shitness of this past week, I have been massively ill. But apparently not sensible enough to stay home from work. It was the kind of ill where I couldn't actually hold down any food, and walking around in the office when I am in desperate need of spewing, and also coughing/spluttering/etc., with a wide-eyed, twitchy buzz from the pseudoephedrine, obviously makes me the hottest girl in all the land.

To go back to That Thing from the last post, with That Guy at the drinks, all is well as the It Never Happened approach has been taken. This is fortunate, as I suspect that I would have scrote-punched anyone who came anywhere near me this week.

But now it is the weekend, so I can focus on chilling out, and possibly letting it all pass in a hazy, snotty blur.



lucy said...

Oh you poor chicken, sick and stressed is no fun at all. Especially at 6 on a Saturday morning. But yeah, I'm with you on needing an anti-social tech job, man that would be ideal with the no talking and programming only.

RAT said...

Lucy, thank you, lovely girl. And wouldn't it be great? With that sort of job, you could just stay at home when you felt like it. And have an entire day where you didn't have to talk to any twats. Sigh.