Monday, August 18, 2008

Body odour.

It's a funny thing really.

I was quite excited that my bus was a lovely, shiny, air-conditioned bus, rather than one of the crusty old ones. However, air-conditioned means sealed windows which can't be opened in any way at all, and I completely despised my bus when the stinkiest man on earth sat next to me.

Now, if I have been to the gym (pfffft) or running around, then I will be conscious of the fact that I probably don't smell like roses. I'll put on deoderant, or steer clear of close contact with total strangers.

But not everyone follows my logic.

So this is how I find myself gagging on the bus ride home this afternoon.

Fun times.

For a Monday, today wasn't too bad. I actually left feeling quite cheery, instead of dejected and hating the world. Yay me! This may be in some way due to scoring both Thursday AND Friday off work this week. Two glorious days of sitting around, a mum visit, and more sitting around. Followed by the weekend! SCORE.

Now if this could happen to me every Monday, then that it would make it a pretty awesome day of the week.


Mark said...

I see your B.O. and raise you a seat that's damp from someone's sweat. Damp and you only realise when it soaks through your shirt. *puke*

Lulu said...

I sat next to a smelly person on my way home too! Yucky! Seriously, why don`t people use deodorant?


RAT said...

Mark, bleurgghhhhh. There's also the case where you're on a packed bus, or one of those seats that are far too small for two people (but someone sits next to you anyway), and squashed next to someone. And then they move away and you realise that you're drenched. SPEW.

Lulu, I just don't get it. I know that people say that you can't really smell your own, but when it's that bad surely people must realise? Bleurgh.