Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This weekend, you will most probably find me at this.

Gen Con, the super geeky conference for super geeks!

Should I dress up as:

a) a jedi
b) an asian schoolgirl
c) Buffy
d) Princess Peach
e) Chewbacca
f) a hobo

In truth, it will most probably be option f, through no effort of my own.

Hooray for being dishevelled and nerdy!


Anonymous said...

I think you should go as Princess Peach Skywalker, the Asian Jedischoolgirl Vampireslayer who is living on the road after being kicked out of home for your refusal to wax and shave.

...or Jar Jar Binks. Everyone loves Jar Jar.

vapidly vibrant said...

I was going to say 'WOW! COOL! Jhapaneeez skoolgull! YEAH!', but i preferred montsnmags' idea.

*curses tv (and catholic high school) for killing imagination*

lucy said...


God I love that hairy mutt.

RAT said...

montsnmags, awesome! I'll take option one, though Jar Jar is so very tempting...

vapidly vibrant, montsnmags has an superawesome imagination. I probably just would've picked Princess Peach, and I don't have Catholic school or TV to blame.

Lucy, I will go as Chewbacca if you come as Han Solo. I will try and do a crap and girly Chewbacca impersonation and everything.

lucy said...

You realise if you and I met, me dressed as han solo you as chewbacca, the world would possibly implode from the awesomeness? Man that would be cool...

RAT said...

Lucy, I agree. Let's arrange it, STAT.