Sunday, July 6, 2008

All of a sudden, I have turned into a homebody.

Now I'll be the first to admit that I have always been a social retard, but I still used to give it a go, you know? Not so these days. On Friday night, I went out with a group from work to check out this new and super cheap place for drinking fun. And all I could do was look at my watch. This was after I'd had to force myself to go in the first place, which took a hell of a lot of willpower.

Me: Oh, I better get going now...
Them: No! Stay out and get shitfaced! We'll go here and here and do this and this!
Me: Oh. No, I need to get going. Another time!
Them: Why? What are you going to do at home?
Me: Um.

1. watch lame movies
2. watch lame TV shows
3. play with my computer
4. eat lardy food
5. sit around
6. play "On Top of Old Smoky" (oh YES, I have upgraded)

Me: I'm just not really prepared for a big night out tonight. Next time though, for sure!

So I went home at 8pm and did a selection of the above, and it was awesome in its own lame kind of way.

And that's ok, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

1. Hang out in online forums and follow my subscribed blogs

2. Keep working through my ever-growing TBR pile of books

3. Eat Fruit Loops and icecream

4. Listen to Robbie Williams/George Michael/John Butler Trio/Bernard Fanning/Paul Simon/Kate Bush/Meatloaf/Peter Gabriel/The The

5. Dance like an epileptic goat ('cause no-one's watching)

6. Play "Free Your Mind" (En Vogue) on my teeth

is what I do when The Loved One goes away for a couple of days, so, yes, you're totally okay by me.

I love home, almost as much as I love the ocean...but it's too cold for the beach, and home is where my embarrassing iTunes playlists are.

Mr. Guinness said...

'tis never wrong to long for home. For as someone once said, "home is where the heart is". The heart is the inner enjoyment of what we love, even if it is "eating lardy food". Me? When it's time to leave the Pub, it's time and my inner me tells me that time. Regardless of everyone at the Pub, it's to my inner heart and mind that I listen. As to what to do when I get there? Well in the evenings I would be just "an old fart" sitting in my recliner watching some Television or movie, and my wife doing here Sudoko but it's being there together that is my "fun". some nights I just sit and think of the 42 years we've been married together and that is enough memories to "re-run" my life every night. The bad ones fade rapidly, while the good become "priceless".

Mark said...

'On Top of Old Smoky' <-----lame.

I swear, 'Imagine' isn't that much harder.

lucy said...

Dude, are you kidding me? That's how I willingly spend my Friday nights, far too cold and miserable to be out and about. Besides I don't have to wear pants at home and I have Foxtel, easy decision.....

phishez_rule said...

I love doing nothing at home. Nobody seems to get it. I just really don't like people.

Plus usually I'm too poor to get shitfaced :(

RAT said...

montsmags, you put me to shame! Your list of excuses to stay at home is far better than mine. I might steal a couple of those, if you don't mind...

Aw, Mr. Guinness, you just gave me the warm fuzzies. The way I'm going, in 42 years I'll probably be sitting in a rocking chair with 25 cats, cackling at the neighbourhood children.

But Mark, "Imagine" isn't in my piano book! The only sheet music I have besides my piano book is Tori Amos, and I think I could be aiming a bit high there. I'm happy with just slowly improving at the moment. And besides, when I play Old Smoky I get to sing along and change the words to the "meatball" version of my childhood memories. You can't do that with John Lennon.

Lucy, exactly, and it's the lack of pants that seal the deal. Except it's too cold to wear no pants, so I am settling for fat pants. Which are also not suitable for the outside world, so, you know, same deal. Sort of.

Phishez, you know, I'm starting to suspect that I don't really like people, either. I went through a phase recently to try and improve my interpersonal skills, but these days I'm sort of content with being an antisocial git. Maybe I'll try again later, I don't know.