Monday, June 30, 2008

Well hidey ho.

We have a houseguest!

An old friend of Beardie's is staying with us for a couple of weeks while she starts a new job. This means:
  • no walking around nakey
  • no belching so loud that our household goods vibrate
  • no playing with my PC all of the freaking time
  • no playing "Joy to the World" over and over on the piano (it's practice, ok?)
  • no spontaneously composing songs about bodily functions
  • no being Too Weird
And Beardie has had to make some major cutbacks too, including cutting down on the farting and drinking straight out of the bottle. I think it is great preparation for being a Grown Up in The Real World.

(The picture of Batman is because we just watched Batman. But the Michael Keaton Batman. Because you can't beat the Michael Keaton Batman.)


Anonymous said...

What? No nuding up? Even during Happy Hour? Well, no wonder you won't be playing "Joy to World". A world without the ability to nude up in your own home even during Happy Hour is [i]not[/i] a World of Joy.

Mark said...

Dear T,

Now that I've seen the outline of Batman's wiener, my day is complete. Thankyou. so. much.


PS: I wonder whether Batman ever faced the dreaded ninja?

lucy said...

You realise now you've told us about your Joy to the World you need to record it and post the audio right? Please?

RAT said...

montsnmags, nope, no nuding whatsoever. It is a sad, sad time for me. But it's only temporary, so the nuding will recommence soon enough.

Mark, I bet if Batman ever faced a crotch-grabbing ninja, he would kick his arse big-time. Batman beats ninja. Hey, and you're welcome.

Lucy, oh no. Oh no no no. I am sucky to the extreme right now. Can we wait until I can play incredibly complex, classic masterpieces by famous composers?