Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here's how NOT to impress a total stranger:
  • be so incredibly drunk that you aren't aware of what you're doing
  • upon meeting them, take your tie off and wrap it around and around their head
  • spill beer all over them
  • almost break their friend's finger
  • harrass everyone who is female
  • slam your fists on the table repeatedly so that everyone's drinks fall over
And more! Now I know what you're thinking, and no, it's wasn't me. It was some random friend of a friend who totally ruined my night. What a monumental twat!

Aside from this, there was lovely, lovely trivia. And I never thought of myself as a StupidHead, but apparently when it comes to trivia, I am. I'm not sure exactly where we stood by the end of the night, but it was very far from first.

Having said that, I am seriously thinking about banning myself from alcohol altogether, because waking up with a hangover like death after Three And A Half Drinks is freaking ridiculous. It's obvious that I have a shitty girly body which can't handle anything at all, and I think that I need to accept this and move on. And I will start drinking pink lemonade and accept my role as the Designated Driver. This is my destiny.

Late. Rambling. Goodnight.


Mark said...

Trivia is indeed fun, but since most of the questions are about things other than Buffy I am usually lost as well. Though for some reason I always get the art ones.

Also sorry to hear about the end of your beer-drinking days. I, too, am very easily hung over and I can tell you it's difficult watching your friends get even dumber than they already are while you remain sober and loquacious. :\

RAT said...

Mark, I suck at everything except the book ones. There was a question on Brave New World, would you believe it. And as for the sobriety, maybe I should just not attend these things, or make a polite (and early) exit. It makes you realise how irritating drunk people are when you're not drunk yourself.