Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The lovely thing about acting as your boss is the masses of cash.

The shitful thing is having to tell your friends what to do. And having to tell your friend that the two-week relieving position they were promised has been given to someone else. And having to dob on everyone. Yes, I'm a dobber. It is shitful.

But another three weeks and I am done, and richer, and can hopefully salvage the friendships.

Aside from this, la de da de daa.

Aside from that, I have had the theme song from The Nanny in my head all day.

"She was out on her fannyyyyyyyyyy!"

And now I am going to watch SYTYCD, because the first couple of episodes always show the deluded people who think they can dance, but actually fall over and make twits of themselves. TV GOLD.

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