Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today, I gave myself a home dye job. For the first time since I was 12 and wanted my hair to be purple. And now my hair is brown. Before the dye job, my hair was brown with crappy blonde bits that had half grown out. So today has been a resounding success.

Beardie bought an iPhone. Apparently iPhones are the bees knees. Due to me being 100 years old on the inside, I don't get the appeal. Doesn't the screen get all gross and fingerprinty all the time?

I had the day off today. This is ace.

I felt sick today, and still feel a bit queasy now. This blows.

I had curry for dinner, which made me feel worse. This was stupid.

All of the above happened yesterday, but I forgot to finish/publish the post.

Today, I went to work and did a lot of work and thought about work and worked.

It's all cold, and blustery, and I have stupid shoes that have no waterproofing and they give me squelchy feet. I hung my socks over a bin at work to dry them out. And then I wore the bin socks.

Today, I had to coach my coach. I am pretending to be my boss and had to coach my old team leader. This is ridiculous.

I am home, and my shoes are drying out, and the heater is cranking, and I'm rugged up with a fleecey blanket and a punnet of strawberries. Eating strawberries makes that "wild.... strawberries!" song stick in my head.





Anonymous said... went brown, old, bad, bad, then bad, wet, bad, dry, warm, and then strawberries.

My points calculator says it was all sort of struggling for the good to outweigh the bad, until "strawberries". They're like a Get Out Of Bad Free card. It's a win!

We have a heated spa on the lower balcony. I just felt jealous enough of your strawberries to mention that.

lucy said...

I am so glad someone else sees the utter flaw in the iphone, I mean really, who wants to have to be cleaning the damn screen every 5 minutes and in the process call people and delete stuff accidentally? I had today off sick too, it was the shit. And I want an outside spa now too....

Mr. Guinness said...

This may be true Lucy, but for us "guys" it's as good as it gets, I'm talking the "tech challenged" among us. I lust after an iPhone 3G, I'd even give up my B'berry 7100i for it. It is "the bee's knees", and thier brains etc. (Ok so a marketing opening here for some bright entrepreneur to create "i-wipes" especially created and creafted to keep YOUR i-phone germ free", or a pull-off clear plastic thingy, like they put over the screens when you first buy them, imagine the repeat business,..."get i-germ-frees, and be sure YOU are germ free with your i-Phone."
(Getting to old for this dream it, develop it, sell it, make a million with it!)
My prediction:(And you all owe me a pint if I'm right), within six months "i-wipes" will exist, and we'll all run out and buy them!
Mr. Guinness

phishez_rule said...

I hope you don't get sick from having wet feet.

I don't have an iphone. I have the n95. And I love it more than any other gadget I own. Plus mine has a 5mp camera, as opposed to the iphones shitty 2 mp one.

RAT said...

montsnmags, it's true, strawberries solve the world's problems. And that is just cruel. If I had a heated spa, I would never leave it.

Lucy, I can see the appeal of a new toy, I mean I jumped on the iPod bandwagon pretty quick, but the iPhone just doesn't seem that great. I think that the appeal would wear off pretty quick for me.

Mr Guinness, I'm sure there'll be iEverything in no time. Apple love their accessories. That was something that bugged me with the iPod too - all of the expensive extras. I'm just a big whinger, I should just buy two cans tied together with string and use that to communicate with people.

Phishez, not sick yet, because to be sick would mean I get out of work, and I'm not that lucky. Yes, I did just imply that I would be lucky to get sick. This is not good. My phone contract is up next January so I'll get a newie then, I think. As long as it doesn't annoy the crap out of me, I'll be happy.