Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Currently reading:

A Spot of Bother. It's going quite well. And I did like The Curious Incident very much. I read it on the bus while I mutter under my breath at the noisy teenage girls like a crazy old woman.

Just watched:

Stealing Beauty! What the eff! Everyone is all touchy-touchy with Liv Tyler, and everyone says random things which everyone else understands, and there's quite a bit of The Flashing and The Sexing. Jeremy Irons was once again successful in his portrayal of the token creepy man and it all ended very happily. I quite liked it.


One of those boxes of Maltesers that they sell for fundraising. It's hugenormous. The roof of my mouth is going numb from sucking the chocolate off, and my throat is aching. Yes, I'm going to keep eating them.


Diddly squat. I'm home alone for a bit and I trying to think about what suitably crap things I can do, that I would normally not want to inflict on others. I am thinking about perhaps digging out the crappiest, girliest movie I can find.


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