Sunday, June 15, 2008

We've just arrived home from Sunday morning grocery shopping. You know that you stayed up too late last night when you try and walk UP the travelator that is going DOWN. We both did it, and then it seriously took us 5 seconds before we went, hey, we're not really getting anywhere here, and why is it so hard to walk up this thing?


And then we played mind games with the stalkers who follow you in their cars so that they can get in your spot. We like to do things like point off to the other side of the car park, so that the car speeds off to make sure that they're close to your spot, only to then get into the car right where we were standing and drive off quickly. There's also the "I can't find where to put my empty trolley" game.

We are mean, cold-hearted people.

My last weekend of 24 is going swimmingly. I bought underpants with butterflies on them. I am going to bake gingerbread, shaped in all sorts of random ways (with possibly something phallic thrown in). I bought one of those drinking bird things and can't, for the life of me, work out how to make the bastard drink his God damn water. Damn you, science. Damn you!

But, uh, yeah.


lucy said...

Now, I'm not a religious person (in fact I just bought a You Make Jesus Cry tshirt) but god bless you, you and your posts are freaking awesome.

RAT said...

Lucy, I think that everyone should have at least one Jesus t-shirt in their wardrobe. Mine says "Jesus Saves" and there's a picture of Jesus with a coin in his hand and a piggy back under his arm. And now this is a tangent about Jesus t-shirts. What I am trying to say, is thanks, my lovely.