Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ok, so I have a digital piano now. This is extremely awesome and worthy of many exclamation marks.


I expect the secret talent that I never knew about to kick in, ASAP. Talent, are you listening to me?

I have this because now I am 25, and yesterday I was 24.

I had a cake with candles and a rude picture made of icing. It was lovely. I did pretty much nothing except arse about, play games and eat curry, but most importantly I was not at work.

The end.


Polly said...

Happy Birthday, sweets. Glad you had a lovely day x

Mark said...

Happy Birthday! We are now the same age.

Learning piano is pretty much a life-long experience so don't get frustrated. Be analytic about it and learn how pianists use scales and chords to create music rather than learning pieces by rote. The Beatles might be a good place to start. And if all else fails, attach a delay pedal and call yourself avant garde.

water said...

Happy Birthday, girlfriend! But digital piano... is that like the new iPod or something? Is my daughter going to want one of those?

Adam said...

Happy New Keyboard Day!

I'm a bit slow with the new blogness, I don't read my gmail e-mails very often.

Nothing has made me vom yet, good work!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, R.A.T.

*Insert all oldy-person style ramblings about a quarter of a century being and you being such a spritely young thing and kids these days, just for good measure.*

Yay for not working on birthdays!

vapidly vibrant said...

Happy QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD day, indeed! Congrats for the not-working bit, but especially for the rad new piano, R.A.T. (atat)!

For my QUARTER OF A CENTURY day, i got massively drunk and memory loss. Me = jealous.

RAT said...

Polly, thank you very much :-)

Mark, I used to play a little bit a long time ago so I'm sort of hoping I'll miraculously pick it back up. I'll definitely put in some time and effort - I've always been jealous of pianists.

water, I know, it sounds a little bit fancy but it's basically a keyboard, except the keys respond like a piano does, i.e. pressing harder makes it louder, etc. And it's bigger. It's not a new iPiano, I promise.

Hello Adam, thank you, and hooray!

blahblah, thanks! Not working is the bestest of the best.

vapidly vibrant, I would've gone out drinking, except I am a big softy who suffers from such terrible hangovers that I never drink anymore. It is a bit sad.