Friday, June 13, 2008

Seriously. Worst Friday afternoon ever. Who in their right mind would give me five different (urgent) things to do, all of 20 minutes before I'm due to leave for the day. I had to employ some serious Palming Off skills. And I was so busy running around palming everything off, that I didn't actually finish any of my work, and now I will have to be there Extra Early on Monday morning.

But let's take one day at a time, and today is Friday, hoorah!

Weekend plans include:
  • Playing with my new ThinkGeek stuff, hoorah!
  • Doing diddly squat, hoorah!
  • Playing online games like a gigantic geeky nerd geek, hoorah!
  • Going shopping at the stocktake sales, hoorah!
  • Getting out of bed obscenely early tomorrow morning for a work friend who is coming over to pick up some stuff, hoorah! Oh wait, SHIT.
  • Indulging in lovely food like pies and cake, hoorah!
  • Enjoying my last weekend before I turn quarter of a century old, hoo...
Oh, who gives a shit, hoorah!

I'm just freaking glad it's the weekend.



audrey said...

Turning 25 was pants, but turning 26 was really good. I think it's just that crappy milestone you have to pass through.

Also, eating is tops. Do lots of that.

lucy said...

I think the two things that annoy me most about those last minute 'urgent' requests is you know the person has been sitting on them all day, and the worst part is you know as soon as they tell you to do something they're out the door two seconds later. Grrr. A quarter of a century is the shit.

RAT said...

Audrey, I'm honestly not too worried about it. Twenty-five, shmenty-five. Pfft. Though it does occur to me that I might have to start acting like a grown-up sometime soon.

Lucy, it's annoying, isn't it? There should be a ban on asking anyone to do anything on a Friday afternoon. With the exceptions being "would you like to go home early?" and "would you like a payrise/some cake/free booze?"