Friday, June 27, 2008

Following on from Wednesday's depressing post o' misery, signs I am getting old are as follows:
  • When I get up from my seat after having my legs folded up in one of my usual bizarre positions, my joints hurt.
  • When I get up (in general), I groan.
  • I hand out tissues to people when they've got the sniffles. (Though I'm not yet keeping them in my bra or up my sleeve.)
  • I don't understand today's fashion.
  • I don't understand kids these days,
  • I think that the cartoons on TV totally blow in comparison to the ones I used to watch when I was a wee tyke.
  • I don't like CGI movies (the Pixar stuff, you know) or TV shows. I like the type of animation that people draw. With their hands.
  • There's nothing like a good cup of tea.
Actually, looking over that list, I realise that I've been this way since I was a teenager, really. Except for the groaning and the rusty joints. Conclusion: I have been 70 years old since I was 17.

I bought a pretty dress today!!!!

That is all.


phishez_rule said...

I don't get todays fashion either. I hate plaid. Bogan anyone? Ruffles are just disgusting and as far as skinny jeans tucked into boots goes - well, I think that's going to be the mullet of the noughties.

Nothing, repeat NOTHING, compares to classic disney films.

audrey said...


I also hate the CGI shit. And the no singing.

Mark said...

At least you're immune to the gradual but demoralising process of spinsterification. Every man, woman and airborne pot of petunias I know is either married or living happily in sin, and I'll tell you it's pretty irritating. Irritating enough to make you want a nice hot cup of tea.

RAT said...

Phishez, what is it with the flanno shirts? I see a homeless man wearing a flanno, and then I look over at the pretty young things, and they are also wearing flannos. I am confused.

Audrey! Ignore my sleeve bit, it's all about the bra. Yes, and where is the singing? Have the kids these days decided that singing is lame?

Mark, if I come across as one of the smug couple-types then you have permission to kick me square in the nads.

Mm, tea.

audrey said...

Sadly RAT, I also stuff them in my bra. I'm offically ancient.

RAT said...

Oh, Audrey. We all know that I talk bollocks. You aren't ancient. You're lovely.