Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beardie is away at a fully paid boozefest (damn you, private sector) and I am all Macaulay Culkin. This means:
  • I can eat instant potato mash for dinner. Beef gravy flavour. This, my friend, is the new Pot Noodle. Tell your friends.
  • I can crappily strum that Ben Folds song that Beardie hates and sing it really, REALLY loudly.
  • I am going to completely redo my iTunes library. From scratch. Can you feel the excitement???
  • I am going to catch up with my Youtube husbands. Swoon.
I contemplated watching the whole of Pride and Prejudice, but then decided that trying to cram something like eight hours of viewing into my evening, and still making it to bed early enough to avoid workdeath tomorrow (now with extra overtime!) was pretty much imposs.

I might also draw some pictures in the hope that I will become magically talented.

So. Ok. Bye.


water said...

What, Beardie got something against instant-beef-flavoured-mash too? Whassup?

Mr. Guinness said...

Pardon the dumb American, but I love mashed potatoes but have never heard of "Potato Mash". Is it a single serving type "personal gratification" fast food thing, and what flavors do they come in, if any others, and are they becoming real popular in Australia?
So many questions,...but I do love potatoes

Lucy said...

Dude, instant mashed potatoes sounds bloody fantastic. I love those creamy pasta and sauce packet things and would eat them all the time.

Well, technically I can because i live by myself and I'm single but remaining dignity I have means I eat normally. Generally. Sometimes.

How was the night anyway?

RAT said...

Water, oh no, he is in love with instant mash. But when we are together, we try and eat grown-up food and vegetables and other sensible things. So spending the evening by myself means I can indulge in total crap with zero nutritional value. Hooray!

My Guinness, I honestly doubt whether instant mash contains any potato at all. I'm sure you guys must have instant mashed potato there? There's a brand here called Deb. The one in the picture is basically a single serve cup (like pot noodles) which you add boiling water to, and it turns into something mashy. They make beef gravy, chicken and corn, and roast onion and croutons (I think). I have no idea if they're becoming popular, but I am about to start an instant mash fan club.

Lucy, there's just so many great things that come in single serve cups these days. We generally have mash, noodles, instant pasta and soup on hand. So unhealthy, but so delicious! The night was ok, I got all the way to R in my iTunes before it was sleepy time. And then I realised that my music sucks and I need to get some new tunes. So, um, yeah, pretty good I guess.