Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have got the day off work today, and I have been so productive it is pukeworthy. Instead of lying on the couch, watching daytime TV and shovelling my face full of Hello Pandas, I have done two loads of washing, assembled a desk (hooray for build-it-yourself awesomeness), unplugged my PC, moved my PC to the new desk, plugged it all back in and danced a little jig after discovering it was still working, vacuumed, cleaned out a dirty, rank birdcage which had been sitting next to the kitchen bench for a couple of weeks with enough disinfectant to make a pig farm sparkle, took a shower, discovered that I still reek like disinfectant, gagged a little, bought a new cable for my camera and a firewire card for my PC off ebay, placed a huge ThinkGeek order for myself and two girls from work, and I have still found time to bite off most of my fingernails.

But now I am running out of things to do (though I still have a couple of fingernails left), so I am sitting here, blogging and eating miscellaneous crap from the Asian supermarket. And buying things because they have pretty packaging, even though you can't read what the packaging says, means that you will end up eating chewy lollies that taste like sour milk. Or wok cleaner. Guaranteed.

Tomorrow I also have the day off work, but that is so I can visit the doctor who is going to prod my lady equipment. If anyone would like to go in my place, then please volunteer now, and I will be forever indebted to you. Forever and ever and ever. And ever.


lucy said...

Holy crap, reading that made me tired. And all I did today was go to work, have a shit day, buy some clothes to make me feel better and then come home and lay on my lounge. And darlin I would change places with you but I don't love anyone that much to go through that twice in 6 months. Good luck, it'll be fine and over with in 10 minutes and then you're done for 2 years. Stupid vagina's.

Miss Devylish said...

I hate dealing w/ the lady equipment appts. Ugh. Tho I hate going to the dentist more.. so. Yay on your fancy build-it-yourself desk! So proud!

RAT said...

Lucy, thank God it's over. That was seriously horrible. Fortunately my doctor cracked crap jokes and made me giggle with his Eastern European pronunciation of PAP. But other than that, super nasty.

Miss Devylish, at least at the dentist they can give you a needle so that you have no idea what they're doing in there. No such luck at the Lady Doctor. I would take a root canal, any day.