Friday, May 30, 2008

Today was a grey day. I was supposed to go for drinkies after work and didn't, and instead I am watching music videos from the late 90's on YouTube. This is fantastic.

No! I'm not kidding!

Warning: This is a post about nothing. If decent content is required, it is advised that you leave ASAP, before valuable moments of your life are wasted on my drivel. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Last night I spent the better part of the evening going through all of the old blogs that I used to read, way back when. And a grand total of about five are still going. Out of something like forty. I think that maybe I will need to get with the times and find out who all of the cool kids are reading these days. And then it will be just like those moments when you go to the pub and realise that half of the people at the bar were born in 1989, and you grow a little more haggard and wretched on the inside.

Or maybe not.

Tonight, I will quite possibly scour ebay for crap that I don't need and won't use. And I will most definitely eat lardy food and watch movies to make me blubber. Because it is Friday, and while everyone else is getting drunk and partying, I have decided that this Friday night will be Cry Night. I am gigantic sissy. You should totally try it sometime.

And for the moment, there is nothing left to do except strum my guitar and sing Top 40 songs in an 'alternative' way, and by alternative I mean the exact same way I play every song, because I suck.

You are invited to drinks in Brisbane next Friday evening. There will be no crying involved. Make sure you come, okthxbye.


Lucy said...

Umm, I'm playing canasta with my grandma on my Friday night. So yeah, good times.

nailpolishblues said...

I love canasta, Lucy, so I'm jealous. I'm sitting at home, on the internet like a loser, drinking Baileys and playing scrabble.

Lucy said...

Ooh Bailey's and scrabble, I like the sound of that. If you ever want to play canasta with my grams I'll pass on her number.....

vapidly vibrant said...

Tonight will be Star Wars trilogy (original, obv) and bucket of KFC for me. I am too excited for it to be socially acceptable.

RAT said...

See, now I don't think there's anything wrong with canasta, Scrabble, or Star Wars at all. In fact, they sound like great ideas for a Friday night. But then again, I was watching Ace of Base on Youtube, so does my opinion count?